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Trekstor Ebook Reader 4.0 Hard Reset VERIFIED

I had the same issue with a Kindle Paperwhite where it would restart constantly. It would only allow me to open a book and as soon as I paged forward or backward it would restart. It would also restart/reboot when I attempted to select some of menu the settings. A couple of hard resets did not help and I could not get to the reset selection in the Settings menu before the Kindle would restart.

Trekstor Ebook Reader 4.0 Hard Reset

Download File:

Allan Mahoney, Try a hard reset. Hold the power button for 30 min. seconds, release the power button and give it a go. If still not functioning properly do a factory reset( all stored data/apps/etc. will be deleted). Link below will provide step by step instruction to factory reset.

Hi, I did a hard reset and it did not work. My paperwhite is on a constant loop. Screen goes blank and kindle logo appears over and over again. I plugged it to a computer and computer did not recognize it. I deregistered it on Amazon website thinking I could register it again but my device is gone of course. I can not register it on the website, I can not access my device, my pc can not access it. I talked to CS of Amazon and ask for help to register it, they refused. My device is only 2,5 months old. I am in Europe an the moment they told ne to return in 6 days. Since there is no way for the device to reach them in 6 days I asked for an extension they refused.

The Pyrus Mini is a unique little ebook reader from a German company called Trekstor. It is the first dedicated ebook reader to use a 4.3" screen, and it's also among the first to use a Digital Ink screen instead of an E Ink brand screen.

There are a couple of things that make the Pyrus Mini ebook reader unique. First is the small size. Most ebook readers, such as the Kindle, have 6" screens, and a few others like the Kobo Mini and earlier Sony Readers have 5" screens. But the Pyrus Mini takes it a step smaller with a 4.3" screen.

What's even more unusual is the screen isn't a typical E Ink screen like all the other ebook readers use. It's a Digital Ink screen. Both screen types look and function about the same. In fact, it would be pretty hard to tell them apart, as I mentioned in a earlier article where I compared the two different types of screen tech together. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see something new.

What's especially nice about the screen is the 800 x 600 resolution. That's the same as many 6" and 5" ebook readers. On the smaller screen that equates to 230 pixels per inch, which is more than the newer E Ink screens that are used on devices like the Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo. More pixels equates to clearer and sharper text, especially when using smaller fonts.

Given the small size a limited amount of features, the Pyrus Mini is more of a specialty ebook reader than one you would want to use all the time. The small size makes it great for taking it with you everywhere you want to go, but if you're looking for a primary ebook reader you'd be better off getting something with more advanced software and features. Plus with the lack of wireless and no integrated ebookstore, there's more of a learning curve with the Pyrus Mini having to sideload ebooks using third-party software on a computer, so it's not going to be the best fit for the technically challenged.

In rare cases, the screen may "freeze" and your tolino eReader may stop responding. In this case, please perform a reset. Please follow the specific instructions for your device. If you are unsure which device you are using, please contact your bookseller's customer service department and describe your tolino in detail so that you can perform the correct reset procedure to avoid hardware damage.

Our tolino webreader (our browser-based reading application) is the best option if you are looking to read on your computer. You can access it anytime through your browser, with no installation required, making it the perfect solution for flexible reading and listening. The webreader allows you to read your purchased eBooks, as well as EPUB and PDF files, and listen to your audiobooks directly on your PC or laptop with your internet browser. You can find the tolino webreader here: Further information is available at -webreader-ebooks-online-lesen/.

There are four software driven buttons on the side of the device that are likely to see regular use; home, back, forward, and settings button. If your device ever becomes unresponsive, you can hold down on page forward and page back, and after about 30 seconds, should make it responsive again. This is easier than always doing a hard reset or powering it off.

One of the things that completely surprised me and blew me away was the number of fonts available to change the text. There were over 16 different open sourced fonts, mainly Droid Sans and fonts with Droid in them. One of the main drawbacks is changing the font, line-spacing, margins, and font size require you to visit a separate full page menu. This does not provide the users with any kind of visual representation of how the text will look when you make changes. Most e-readers either refresh the text on the screen live, or have sample text that changes automatically whenever you make a change. This Pocketbook model warrants you to enter the font menu, make changes, save it, and then go back to your book. Often you have to do this a few times to find the optimal output format. It is needless extra steps that may incur the ire of hardcore readers.

It is not too often that we are really disappointed by a modern day e-reader. The devices have been on the market long enough for a universal standard for quality and control to be developed. People may have differing opinions about specific companies like B&N, Amazon, Kobo, Bookeen, Onyx, Icarus, Bebook, Sony, or Ectaco. Really, in the current e-reader space, these are the companies with an extensive portfolio of devices and have all been in the game for three years or more. Pocketbook has been in business for as long as we have been doing e-reader reviews. The company has always used the exact same internals on every single model. The philosophy of skimping out on processor and RAM will never adequately deliver a seamless experience to the end user. The Color Lux is simply unusable in its current form and should be avoided at all costs.


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