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Greek School of Agia Marina

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Ezra Harris
Ezra Harris

Baby Mikey Vol 2 3d Comics

an episode of the third season of marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. was planned to be titled "angry bob". this is after the name of the character bobbi morse (which was changed to skye for the series), and the episode was planned to include a scene where bobbi tries to stop the main character from killing a woman.

Baby Mikey Vol 2 3d Comics

neil gaiman explained a story from the comic to be a distillation of all his fables that, when watching the game of thrones, he felt like there was "something missing". he figured it might have been the woman who died in the end, but it wasn't. the woman on her death bed believes that she has done something bad and goes on to describe the fable to the protagonist, who feels bad for what she did. this is what gaiman set out to accomplish with the original black orchid story: "the story of the tick-tock man" from the collection dangerous visions by the same name.

in the generation x: war stories special, it was revealed that generosity's arch-foe was once a familiar face in the x-men universe: the other collector. however, for unknown reasons, he turned on her and killed her. when x-man deadpool first encounters her, he is unable to remember her name because she used it to trick him, fooling him into believing she was nice and then hit him with a shock-wave.

community is shown to have had a long, bloody rivalry with the mailroom. the rivalry intensified when troy learned of a former mail room intern named karen, who became a regular character in the episode "modern warfare". karen was initially meant to resemble annie, but this was changed to resemble shirley.


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