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Greek School of Agia Marina

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Ezra Harris
Ezra Harris

[S3E8] Setting Itself Right

Layton eventually came out his coma, but he was still haunted knowing he hallucinated New Eden after seeing a calendar with a desert setting. It left him wanting to reveal the truth to the train, with his fright apparent to some of his inner-circle. Unfortunately, just when it seemed like Layton got his bearings back, the latest tragedy aboard his 1,029 cars killed off his trump card.

[S3E8] Setting Itself Right


Yeah, I leaned on a couple different aspects. I leaned first and foremost on our, our precedent within the denomination that I served in the United Methodist church. So I used our safe, sanctuary policies. I read through all of the different ones that are available. I made adjustments, I took language. I, I tried to process as much as possible. With what's already been done. I leaned on some of the, my, my peers and predecessors in the digital space and saw what they had kind of come up with in bits and pieces and chunks across the internet. Okay. And then after I got to on leaning on that, I leaned on discord. So discord itself is, is dealing with this, right? They are a, they are a community in it on the south, they're a community app. And so they wanna also practice safety. 041b061a72


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