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Where To Buy Cable Clamps

Founded in 2001, Cable Ties Unlimited or CTU specializes in wire/cable management products for all types of industries and businesses. What began as a small, regional business in a tiny office and warehouse space in Columbus, Ohio has evolved into a 9-acre campus in Brunswick, Ohio.

where to buy cable clamps

Cable Ties Unlimited is a family-owned business and emerging leader in the sales and distribution of cable ties and wire/cable management products. We offer everything from your standard ties to specialty material ties to cover pretty much every application. In addition to distributing our own brand of cable ties, we also represent Thomas & Betts, Panduit, Hellermann Tyton, & Velcro Brand Products, to name a few.

Whether cushioned, for holes, edges, for adhesive bonding or screwing: cable clips from HellermannTyton cover a bundle range from min. 6.2 to max 51.0 mm, hole sizes from 6.5 to 12.95 mm and plate thicknesses from 0.5 to 13.0 mm. In short, no matter what bundle diameter you need and what other requirements you have - with us you will find the right cable clamps for your cable management.

The SRC heavy duty cable clamp is used for both permanent and temporary fastening of cables and lines. The glass fiber material mix (PA6 GF30) makes this plastic wire clamp very robust, perfect for heavy duty use.

In the case of lines through which liquids flow and where the hose requires space, the independent adjustment of the bundle diameter allows sufficient clearance to be allowed for compensating movements and to avoid crushing the line.

The stainless steel clips of the SSPC series, in combination with metal cable ties, enable reliable fastening of cables, hoses, conduits and pipelines in harsh environments, for example:

The Beam heavy duty cable clamp was originally developed for the automotive and trucking industries as an alternative to metal solutions, but can be used in any areas where a strong and permanent fastening is required.

These fasteners are used in areas where high voltage cables are being installed, e.g. automotive and other electric vehicle industry (hybrid & battery vehicles).

Basically, MOC is distinguished into two categories: MOC CLIP (combination of several cable clamps) and MOC with CABLE TIE (combination of cable clamp and cable tie).

Even though there are already hundreds of possible combinations, there is always room for a new configuration option. HellermannTyton engineers are happy to assist you in developing new solutions to install your pipes and cables in the most efficient and effective way.

Applications are similar to MOC series: fluid systems (fuel, brake, vacuum, vent, cable and harness, HVAC and powertrain thermal management applications), coolant lines (stainless steel), HV single cable fixation in EV buses, engine venting, fuel vapor recovery, battery cooling, AC lines, and PV and solar applications.

Wire clamps are used in almost all markets. For routing along building walls in the building and construction sector, in cable assembly for e.g. underbody lines and cooling systems in the automotive and truck industry or in the renewable energies sector for supply air and exhaust air ducting.

There are different bundle diameters and variants for different installation situations and it is also possible to lay several cables in one clamp or to run cables parallel to each other.

Most cable clamps are self-explanatory and can be selected in advance by type of fastening, material, colour or special requirements. There are cable clamps for edges, for screwing, with welding studs or with adhesive base.

Some clamps with screw fastening and some clamps for reopening during maintenance and replacement of cables require a screwdriver. However, most wire clamps can simply be installed and closed by hand with no tool required, as in this example here:

NOTICE: Free shipping is non-transferable. You MUST select UPS GROUND in order for the free shipping to apply. We will not honor the "FREE GROUND SHIPPING" if you did not select it during checkout process. Free shipping will be deducted at the last Checkout page before final checkout confirmation. Free ground shipping is applicable to orders at least $50.00 (excluding taxes and handling charge) to all lower 48 states only. offers lifetime warranties on cables and non-electronic products. If you believe that a product you purchased from us is defective, please call 1-888-275-8755 (toll free) or 510-264-9988, and we will troubleshoot the problem. If the product is verified to be defective (within the warranty period), we'll be happy to exchange the item for a new one. Please send the product back to our facilities for testing. See our Return Policy & Procedure Details., as our name suggests, is one of the top E-commerce suppliers of cable ties. Yet, we also take pride in offering much more than zip ties. Including cable organizers, cable management products, electrical supplies, network products, safety equipment, server storage furniture, tools, labeling devices, and more. We are also proud to supply several different industries, included but not limited to Contractors and Installers, Electricians, Military and Government, Education, IT, Automotive, A/V, and more. We pride ourselves in having the most extensive selection of the highest-quality products out there. Serving all your wire management needs since 2006, with a huge inventory and fast shipping, and most importantly, excellent customer service.

  • Lightweight plastic construction provides resistance to high and low temperature extremes

  • Clean, smooth edges for easy handling and to help prevent cable damage

  • Durable, crack-resistant plastic withstands tough conditions at the jobsite

  • Use to hold harnesses, cables and tubing (not included) in construction, maintenance and assembly-line operations

  • Mounting holes provided for easy installation with a screw or nail (not included)

  • Working temperature range: -54 C (-66 F) to 170 C (340 F)

  • Black colored clip handles bundles up to 1/4" (6mm) diameter

  • 18 Clamps per Package

Panavision Modular brings you the latest in cable managment. These cable clips will keep all of your cords and cables in order while your shooting. Featuring a 1/4-20 screw, these fasten into your cheese plate and make organization simple. We currently have two different types available: a "top-open" version and a "side-open" version. Take a look at the product photos to determine which option suits your needs!

HDMI protective cable clamp has been designed to be attached to the cage. It prevents the cable from being accidentally disconnected. Keeps the HDMI cable in place while protecting the plug and port from being damaged. Carefully designed around the ports compartment. Silver parts of the clamp are movable, which allow adjusting the clamp opening to the size of the cable`s plug.

Arrowhead cabled anchors offer superior holding in hard, compact, and rocky soil. Made in the USA, available in both steel and aluminum. Install with a drive rod. Technical specs, installation instructions and test reports can be found with each product description.

Watch this brief arrowhead installation video from our friends at Green Acre Homestead. Read this explanation of the attachment methods for cabled arrowhead and bullet anchors along with the most common uses to help select the right option when ordering.

East Penn manufactures a wide variety of cable and wire products in an ultra-modern ISO-9001 certified plant in the U.S.A, including primary wire, 105 degree wire, bonded parallel, duplex, triplex, quadraplex, starter cable, trailer wire, speaker wire and audio cable.

SmallRig HDMI&USB-C Cable Clamp for BMPCC 6K PRO 3271 works only with the new cage 3270. It locks onto the left side of the cage via two thumb screws to secure HDMI and USB-C cables and prevent signal interruptions during filming. Besides, it comes with a hex spanner to help ensure secondary fixation.

The RUPES Cable Clamp is a clamp that helps you managing the cables of your professional tools. The clamp is equipped with a ratchet system that makes it easy to adjust according to the overall dimensions of the cables grouped together. It is a fundamental accessory to organize your arsenal at best.

These plastic electrical cable clips feature a built-in 0.19 in. (5 mm) mounting hole enabling you to bundle cables while mounting them to a wall. They hold small cables up to 0.31 in. (7.9 mm). They're quick and easy to install or remove, with a single screw hole that secures the cable and mounts it to the wall -- perfect for organizing and routing network cables, power cables, or other cables at your home or office.

Weld Mount is pleased to introduce a new line of hose and cable clamps available from our inventory for immediate delivery. Our Weld Mount clamps are available as single or double units. Each is designed to be mounted using our " x 20 Weld Mount studs. The charts below detail the studs required for each size of clamp. The clamps are manufactured of black polypropylene and are temperature rated for -22 to +194 degrees F continuous service. These clamps are available at a per piece price with no minimum quantities or at reduced price based on purchase of bag quantities. Other sizes are available. Maximum hose OD is 1". 041b061a72


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