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Enjoy the Best Dice Games to Download for Free on Your Device

Take control of 5 heroes, each with their own unique dice. Fight your way through 20 levels of monsters and try to take on the final boss. If you lose a single fight you have to start over so be careful (and lucky!).

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If you have issues extracting the software after you download it from itch this approach should fix that: I just used steams "add a game" button to add the s&d executable to my steam client then went to settings for that added game and turned on proton support in the comparability section. You could try proton experimental if that doesn't work

This game has single handily given me a really bad addiction really quick... its sooooooo good.Played the first 7 levels of the demo and after the mechanics started to click with me paid for the full game becuase I knew this was going to be my new time waster on my phone :3I love the dice mechanics, I love the way you level up and the way items can effect the dice and the ability's they offer you.and love that if I'm in the middle of a roll and I need to close it to do something else. it will pick back up with the dice roll you made when you reopen the game and continue.this game seems stunningly simple, yet it's very deeply complex. :3

I was just wondering whether there were any plans to add some colour blind options? I have lost characters several times in battle when they are poisoned as I struggle to tell the difference between the red health and the green poison icons.I was also thinking, just as an idea, it would be quite useful if you could drag the dice around once they have been rolled, just as another way to help organise each roll and see what combinations would work together before deciding which to re-roll or lock in. I'm aware of the double click to arrange them in a column, but I just think sometimes a different way to organise them could be quite useful.

Last thought, when selecting a new character, if you want to compare between the old and new of a certain class then sometimes with certain characters the old characters dice panel opens and overlays the new option, rather than going above or under, so a direct comparison isn't possible. You have to flick back and forth between the old and the new. I was just thinking it'd be nice to have that direct comparison open above or bellow (where relevant). I hope you get what I mean, it's not the easiest thing to explain.

Hi. Sorry to interrupt you. On this website we use cookies and other related technologies to make the games work (keeping scores, statistics etc), to save your preferences, and our advertising partners (Google and others) use cookies to personalize the ads you are shown while playing, based on data they have about you from other sites you've visited. We are required to notify you about this and get your consent to store cookies in your browser.

In each turn a player may throw the dice up to three times. A player doesn't have to roll all five dice on the second and third throw of a round, he may put as many dice as he wants to the side and only throw the ones that don't have the numbers he's trying to get. For example, a player throws and gets 1,3,3,4,6. He decides he want to try for the large straight, 1,2,3,4,5. So, he puts 1,3,4 to the side and only throws 3 and 6 again, hoping to get 2 and 5.

In this game you click on the dice you want to keep. They will be moved down and will not be thrown the next time you press the 'Roll Dice' button. If you decide after the second throw in a turn that you don't want to keep the same dice before the third throw then you can click them again and they will move back to the table and be thrown in the third throw.

For the six combinations above the score for each of them is the sum of dice of the right kind. E.g. if you get 1,3,3,3,5 and you choose Threes you will get 3*3 = 9 points. The sum of all the above combinations is calculated and if it is 63 or more, the player will get a bonus of 35 points. On average a player needs three of each to reach 63, but it is not required to get three of each exactly, it is perfectly OK to have five sixes, and zero ones for example, as long as the sum is 63 or more the bonus will be awarded.

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After years of only playing against the computer, you can now start playing against other people from all over the world. Click the "Multiplayer" button next to your avatar and choose a player name to connect. Once connected, you can challenge or be challenged by other players. Note: To keep things simple and even as possible, all multiplayer games allow multiple Yahtzees.

This online version of YAHTZEE was made by me. My name is Einar Egilsson and over there on the left is my current Facebook profile picture! In the last couple of years I've made a number of simple online card games, including Hearts and Spades. After making seven card games and three solitaires I figured it was time to try something else, so I decided to make YAHTZEE (or YATZY as it's known here in Denmark, where the rules and scoring are also slightly different). It's been a fun game to make, and I'm looking forward to seeing how well Bill will play against human opponents :)

Any comments, complaints, bug reports, questions, or anything else should be sent to, but we can also be contacted on Twitter, on Mastodon, or on our official Facebook community page which has the upside of being where a lot of our dedicated members congregate. We generally also post announcements and news to our primary Facebook page.

For those with promo codes for a Free, Bonus Game: please add this item to your cart and enter the promo code during checkout. This game is fulfilled as a digital download after you checkout.

If you don't know how to teach children basic multiplication, play with them our free multiplication dice games online. Insert the result of the multiplication dice game to the empty box.Press Check it to find out the correct answer. If the result is OK, the box will be green.

Click the picture bellow and download our free printable multiplication dice game in PDF with instuctions. You can easily print these free dice multiplication games on A4 or A3 paper.You can browse more printable math games here.

Click the picture bellow and download our free multiplication dice games in PDF.One dice multiplication worksheet is already pre-filled, the other printable multiplication dice game contains only free fields.This blank dice multiplication game features a lovely sheet with different coloured squares.

How to play multiplication dice game?You will need a dice, for example this set of 10. Roll the dice twice, insert the numbers in the first two boxes. Multiply these numbers and write the result in the last box.

These multiplication games with a dice teach multiplication of numbers 1 to 6. Our multiplication dice game is designed for children who attend 3rd Grade.You can play these multiplication dice games online.

One of the best ways to keep kids engaged in math lesson is by playing a game! Try out this dice multiplication game to help them practice multiplication while still taking a little breather from other activities.

Developed by Kerry Kolosko from Australia. Check out this sweet dice game. Take a chance and see if you can beat the computer. The amazing part is that this whole game has been developed within PowerBI.

This is the digital download of the roll a sentence game. To play the game, you pick one dice of each type (the different types of word dice are different colors), so they will get a noun, verb, and descriptive word. You roll the dice, read the words, then you have to remember the words and write them on the paper.

It is a challenge for the kids to remember their words, and can be modified to be easier by just doing one word at a time, and go back to the dice three times to get the three words. You can make it harder by doing two dice of each color so that the kids would have six words to remember when going back to the table, and six words to incorporate into one sentence.

There's definitely something glorious about a giant boxed board game with miniatures and sets to spare - but what about the alternative? Print-and-play games allow players to spend far less on the best board games, getting their entertainment downloaded straight to their hard drive and printing it out to play themselves! It's a niche aspect of the medium that's getting less and less niche all the time, we've put together this list of the best print-and-play board games for you to try out at home.

Roll-and-write games are perfect candidates for the print-and-play treatment - after all, they revolve around scribbling on pieces of paper. The Paper Pinball series aims to recreate the experience of hammering buttons on a pinball machine, pulling off precise shots and improbable tricks as you rack up a new high score.

Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, the creator of the breakout birdwatching board game hit Wingspan (one of the best board games available today), this tiny card game is based on the Victorian practice of exchanging small bouquets of flowers, with each bloom carrying its own subtle message of love or friendship.

Secret Hitler is a party game you can buy from any good games store, but recently the creators created a free print-and-play version on their site - just download and print the PDF, do a bit of scissor-snipping where it tells you to, and you'll have a functioning recreation of the board game.

Founded in 2011, Random Salad Games is dedicated to developing fun and engaging casual games for the Windows, Google Play, and Amazon marketplaces. Random Salad Games started out on the Windows Phone and PC platform, where they were able to turn a dorm room start-up into a full-fledged game studio.

Whether you're trying to teach kids about counting or just looking for some fun games for them to play, dice games can push their learning and mathematical skills. Explore some fun and original dice games that kids can try alone and with friends.


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