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Ezra Harris

Grand Theft Auto 5 Activation Code [PATCHED]

Important Notice: When you are entering your activation code, you should be careful when copy/pasting. Rockstar will not accept the "spaces" at the beginning or at the end of the codes and displays invalid message.

grand theft auto 5 activation code

I today installed Gta v and then entered activation code And then when I opened Gta V launcher then it showed GTAV exited unexpectedly and then i rebooted my laptop and then again i opened play gtav.exe and this time it is showing Please enter activation code and when i entered activation code which i entered before when installing the game first time It is showing "ROCKSTAR ACTIVATION CODE ALREADY IN USE".Please help someone as I am not able to play the game at least .Please help gta forums members . I am not able to play the game at least once pls help my specs ARE----


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