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Glamour Older Mature

No one did glamour quite like the old Hollywood studio system. Right or wrong, they had filmmaking down to an art and a highly efficient business. The studios did exceptionally well discovering raw talent and honing and polishing their stars until they displayed a sheen of perfection, bringing us some of the most glamorous and accomplished Old Hollywood actresses.

glamour older mature

The sinking sun, which already touched theriver, seemed somehow the source of the vaststream that flowed radiantly from its blaze.Through the glamour of the evening mist andthe maze of June flies we could see a dozenmen scooping for fish from platforms like thatof Ma'ame Paradis.

The boy ceased to move. Shadows stoleslowly lengthening over the Vaudreuil champaign;the sun swooned down in a glamour ofpainted clouds; dusk covered from sight theyellows and browns and greens of the Augustfields; birds stilled with the deepening night;Rigaud Mountain loomed from the plain, adark long mass under a flying and waningmoon; stars came out from the deep spacesoverhead, and still Mini lay where he hadwept.

Harry sat up to hearken better, and then concludedthat he had mistaken for musketry thecrackle of haystalks under his poncho sheet.Beneath him the round poles of his bedsagged as he drew up his knees and gatheredabout his shoulders the gray blanket damp fromthe spray of heavy rain against the canvas earlierin the night. Soon, with slow dawn'sapproach, he could make out the dull white ofhis carbine and sabre against the mud-plasteredchimney. In that drear dimness the boy shivered,with a sense of misery rather than fromcold, and yearned as only sleepy youth can forthe ease of a true bed and dry warm swooningto slumber. He was sustained by no maturesense that this too would pass; it was with acertain bodily despair that he felt chafed and[Pg 176]compressed by his rough garments, and pitiedhimself, thinking how his mother would cry ifshe could see him crouched so wretchedlythat wet March morning, pressed all the moreinto loneliness by the regular breathing of veteranBader in the indifference of deep sleep.

It was that evening's talk which had sentHarry, so young, to the front. Three villageboys, little older than he, had already contrivedto enlist. Every time he saw the Flag drooping,he thought shame of himself to be absentfrom the ranks of its upholders; and now, justas he was believing himself big and old enoughto serve, he conceived that duty to his parentsdistinctly enjoined him to go. So in the night,without leave-taking or consent of his parents,he departed. The combined Federal, State,and city bounties offered at Philadelphiaamounted to nine hundred dollars cash thatdreadful winter before Richmond fell, andHarry sent the money home triumphantly intime to pay his father's notes and save the store.

"The blowing open of the Northern Gatewas the grandest personal exploit of the attack.It was performed by native sappers, coveredby the fire of two regiments, and headed byLieutenants Holder and Dacre, Sergeants Green,Carmody, Macpherson, and Locke."

So you've always wanted to have kids, but it seems that the older you get, the less interested you are in trading in your free-spirited lifestyle for the drool-and-poop-soaked straightjacket of parenthood.

Well, that's okay. Because guess what: even legendary tennis player/Lemonade diva/general superwoman Serena Williams isn't prepared for that kind of life change! In a new interview with Glamour, Williams, 34, shared her thoughts on parenthood and aging: "I definitely want to have kids one day," she said. "That's something I've always wanted since as long as I could remember. And the older I get, the more I'm like, 'I'm too young!'"

Ah, yes. That magical day in the distant future when we wake up mature and ready to completely overhaul everything about our lives to have a baby. But hopefully it's still, like, many years from now. Especially for Serena! Because girl, you still got some grand slams left to win.

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