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In May 2011, the show became the Guinness World Record holder for the most downloaded podcast after receiving 59,574,843 unique downloads from March 2009 to March 16, 2011, apparently overtaking the previous record set by The Ricky Gervais Show.[1] However, Gervais's show, which has far fewer episodes, had received more than 300 million unique downloads by March 2011 (about 5 times Corolla's claimed record),[2] a fact not acknowledged by Guinness, as most record claimants must pay to have their records recognized.[3] Regardless, Stuff You Should Know has since gone on to receive more than a billion unique downloads, including 30 million downloads per month;[4] and Joe Rogan claims that his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has 190 million unique downloads per month.[5] Nevertheless, Edison Research found that The Adam Carolla Show was the world's 49th-most-listened-to podcast in 2020.[6]

In its first 24 hours of release, the premiere episode was downloaded over 250,000 times. As of the third episode, the show was the number one podcast on the iTunes Store in both the U.S. and Canada.[citation needed] During the debut week, the podcast recorded 1.6 million downloads. In the second week it recorded 2.4 million downloads. By the second week of the show, the fourth episode of the podcast featuring former radio show sidekick Dave Dameshek was downloaded over 500,000 times.[8]

After this Carolla usually brings in the guest if he hasn't already. Sometimes this segment will be a more formal interview and other times it will be one of the recurring guests or comedians improvising or conversing with Carolla. Guests vary from actors, comedians, athletes and occasionally politicians who will then sit in and "crack wise" with Carolla to Gina Grad's news, ending out the show.

Are you looking for some full version audio recorder to capture your vocal or record live streaming music? If you are one of them, you just have come to the right place. This post will further share the top 5 best free voice recorder details so that you can download them for audio recording. Now, let's jump into the points!

Sound Forge has provided service in the field of digital audio production for over 20 years. It is another professional vocal recorder for free download, which is aimed at professional and semi-professional markets. Usually, this audio recorder is used by producers, artists, sound engineers, and many others.

This full-version voice recorder supports capturing and editing of sound and MIDI and even hosts VST instrument and effect plugins. If needed, it also allows you to add your own sound effects to apply to the recordings. Except for that, Podium requires no registration, and you can use it as long as you download and install this software.

PlayStation 4 and 5 owners searching for Warzone 2.0 last night were unable to find the download by searching "Call of Duty Warzone" in the PlayStation Store, while Steam users who own Modern Warfare 2 found no download whatsoever.

The download size is dependent on whether you already have Modern Warfare 2 installed, as those with the game will have a much smaller 2.51GB, while those downloading from scratch will have a larger 45GB download.

As for Steam, Activision has confirmed that anyone with Modern Warfare 2 installed will have Warzone 2.0 already preloaded, while those who don't have it installed can go ahead and download Warzone 2.0 on its own.


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