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Waves QClone DX VST RTAS V1.0 .rar

Waves QClone DX VST RTAS V1.0: A Powerful Tool for Audio Processing

Waves QClone DX VST RTAS V1.0 is a software plugin that allows you to capture the sound of any hardware equalizer and use it as a digital effect in your audio production. With QClone, you can create custom EQ curves and apply them to any audio track or bus, using the same processing power as the original hardware unit. You can also mix and match different EQ settings from different hardware devices, creating unique and complex sound shapes.

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QClone works by sending a test tone to the hardware EQ and recording its response. Then, it analyzes the response and creates a digital model of the EQ curve. This model can be applied to any audio signal in real time, using a low-latency convolution engine. You can also save and recall your EQ models as presets, and share them with other QClone users.

QClone supports both DirectX and VST hosts, as well as RTAS hosts with the Waves APA (Audio Processing Accelerator) system. You can use QClone with any hardware EQ that has a line input and output, such as graphic EQs, parametric EQs, tube EQs, vintage EQs, and more. You can also use QClone with software EQs that have a sidechain input, such as Waves Linear Phase EQ, Waves Renaissance EQ, and Waves Q10 Equalizer.

QClone is a versatile and powerful tool for audio processing, whether you want to emulate the sound of your favorite hardware EQ, or create your own custom EQ curves. You can use QClone for mastering, mixing, sound design, and more. QClone is available as part of the Waves Mercury bundle, or as a separate purchase from [Waves Audio].

If you want to download Waves QClone DX VST RTAS V1.0 .rar file, you can find it on some websites that offer free software downloads. However, be careful when downloading files from unknown sources, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer. We recommend that you purchase the original software from [Waves Audio], or use a trusted and secure download site.


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