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Naum Aksenov
Naum Aksenov

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ralph burns, the group were playing their own music when everyone else was still composing. this title track by the trumpeter is a real scorcher, sustained by the sinewy supple bass of burns and the insidious slither of the great jazz guitarist howard roberts, whose excursions with jim hall, allan reuss and others into the blues rock field (plus a couple of original tunes) were to have a lasting influence on generations of young jazz musicians. (ks)

the piano guys full album download torrent

gordon mansions the time of the green was his first proper hit, and second jazz album after the first was a multi-million seller. the gorgeous title track is one of the greatest tracks ever written, with a synthesiser-played flute line you cant forget. monk also covers the music of ladys arm agains the stones with its jazzy title tune, which features the same flute introduction. latin for laments is an astonishing piano duet with gordon covering the measure for measure instrumental by the great cuban soprano sylvia rosario, and a couple of versions of down by love. it was originally composed by the great erroll garner and is here beautifully performed by eric dolphy and monk. other strong tracks include the scope, the one with the pudenz sisters, for which monk wrote the lyrics and the wonderfully enigmatic rhapsody in blue. the young sonny rollins also makes an appearance, on both a trombone blues and on the corner. (ks)

this is one of the most extraordinary albums to come out of the 50s and 60s. it was recorded a year after monk reunited with coltrane and the pianist played so beautifully that few even attempted to play otherwise at the time. it was therefore quite an advance for the pianist, indeed when coltrane insisted on having his own drummer, he was lambasted. it took another ten years for monk to record again. (ks)


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