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Buy Saniflo Toilet

To install a new bathroom, additional toilets, a laundry room, connect the condensate drain all without major work, SFA has the solution that meets your needs. With little work you can simply drain all the water.

buy saniflo toilet

While many people at first confuse macerating toilets with composting toilets, the two systems are actually very different. While a composting system collects and composts waste, a macerating system discharges waste into a macerating unit, which grinds it up into a fine slurry.

While The company is best-known for its toilet systems, the brand also makes a variety of other products, including grey water pumps, grinders, condensate pumps, and more. The full line of products allows consumers to do anything from installing a bar to running the entire home on some of the larger macerator pumps.

While there are many different brands of macerating toilets out there, and we are frequently contacted by them to carry their products, we are committed to carrying a full line of only the best options for our customers. Saniflo stands out for its durability, quality, and commitment to approachability. Because of these things, they have emerged as the leader in the macerating toilet field and continue to churn out products that are as reliable as they are unique.

This Saniflo pricing comparison is intended to help you choose the best system and to compare the overall Saniflo cost against standard toilet plumbing installation. has a 100% low price guarantee, meaning that you can be confident that you are getting new, unused products at the lowest Saniflo price available anywhere.

Other models to consider include the SaniStar (perfect for those going for a modern look), the SaniGRIND to match traditional plumbing toilets with upflush technology. Or you can look to the the SaniCom1, SaniVite, SaniSwift, and SaniShower, which are ideal for people who want to install a kitchen, wet bar, utility sink, or laundry unit, for a fraction of the price of running pipes.

Made of 4 key components, the Saniflo toilet consists of a float switch (membrane), a microswitch, a blade (also referred to as a macerator) and an impeller. To find out more about each of these components, read on...

When the toilet is flushed by a user, the waste generated will be funnelled into a blade. The blade macerates the waste into smaller pieces, which ensures that it can be flushed into the general sewage system without causing blockages.

Perhaps you are temporarily renting your property out, or are having an elderly family member stay over. In such cases, it is better to opt for a macerating toilet which is not as permanent and much easier to remove than a normal toilet.

Environmentally-conscious households will be glad to learn that macerator toilets are more efficient than normal toilets in terms of water usage. By shredding the waste, there is a smoother flush which requires less water to carry the particles down to the general sewage pipes. Moreover, the use of the impeller also means less water is used since the water is flushed at high speeds.

Most reputable Tradespeople charge around 50 per hour for the installation of a macerating toilet and can complete the installation in about 10 hours, although this can vary greatly depending on a whole host of reasons. This means the Saniflo cost of labour for your new toilet adds up to roughly 500*. Macerator pumps start around the 450* mark. Add on the cost of a close coupled toilet (anywhere between 100 to 300*) and this comes to a total cost of between 1,000 and 1,300 for your brand new toilet to be installed in your home. Of course, there are bound to be regional variations in prices, but as a rough rule of thumb, this price, as an estimate, should get the job done for you.

With a fabulous selection of macerators and toilets, Victoria Plum is the only place you'll need to visit if you're searching for Saniflo products at great prices. With free standard delivery on all orders, next day delivery available if you're in a hurry, plus a rating of "Excellent" on independent review site Trustpilot, why go anywhere else? Click on the image below to browse our range.

Domestic Saniflo toilets work by a process of maceration. Before waste gets to the exit pipe, it is broken down into liquid form, making it easier to discharge via the macerator pump, either vertically or horizontally.

Hi, I was just wondering what is the ideal macerator for my en-suite. We need to run the toilet, sink and shower through it. It needs to go up into the loft and across the length of the house (approx 45ft). Many thanks in advance.

A saniflo toilet (also known as a macerator toilet) differs from a conventional toilet in two ways. Firstly, it macerates (breaks up) the human waste in the toilet using a blade. Secondly, instead of flushing waste through drainage in the floor, a macerating toilet system uses a centrifugal pump to flush the waste out of the toilet and into the general waste system.

When the toilet is flushed, the waste (urine, faeces, toilet paper) is funnelled from the toilet bowl and into a blade. When the waste hits the blade, it will be macerated into smaller pieces. This allows the waste to be flushed into the general waste system with ease.

In the majority of situations, a conventional toilet system works out as a far more practical and cheaper option than a saniflo toilet system. But sometimes, a saniflo is an easier, cheaper and less time-consuming toilet to install. These situations include:

If you have no existing underground drainage lines, then a macerator toilet will be far cheaper to install than a regular toilet. Removing the need to rip up flooring or foundations, a macerating toilet can be installed without any sort of drainage line.

If installing a bathroom quickly is important, then a macerating toilet is the better option. Installing a toilet can be a big job for a plumber, especially if you need to install underground drainage lines. Taking around two days to install, a macerator toilet is a much quicker job.

In some cases, it might be that you only need a toilet installed temporarily for an elderly or disabled tenant. In this situation, it would be more practical to install a saniflo toilet that can be easily removed at any time.

When a toilet is located below, or a good distance from the general waste piping, it may be necessary to upflush the waste. Simply, the toilet piping does not go directly down into the sewers and instead needs to travel up or horizontally before reaching the general waste line.

If you are environmentally conscious, then you will be happy to know that macerator pumps are far more efficient than a standard toilet. First, shredding the waste ensures that you get a smooth flush to the general waste line. Second, using an impeller to accelerate the waste to the sewer uses far less water than a standard toilet.

Saniflo products usually last somewhere in the region of 10 to 15 years. In most cases, with proper care, a Saniflo system will last a lot longer. It also depends on how often you intend to use the toilet. All toilets are tested up to 50,000 flushes. That could, in many cases, be a lot longer than 10 years.

Macerator toilets can be much noisier than a conventional toilet. This is due to the macerator that breaks up the waste and the internal pump needed to shift the waste out of the toilet and into your drainage system.

A saniflo or macerator toilet relies on electricity to power the macerator and pump the waste out of the toilet. In the event of a blackout (or you fail to pay your electricity bills), you will not be able to use the saniflo.

If you would like to upflush a single toilet and a sink, then you will need to purchase the Saniflo Sanitop. Coming in at 285, the Sanitop is a powerful macerator pump that can handle up to two bathroom appliances.

If you would like to upflush all your bathroom appliances (up to four), then you will need the Saniflo Sanipro. With the capability to upflush your toilet, sink, shower and, if needed, bidet, the Sanipro is a bargain at 332.

The Saniflo Saniplus is the original macerating toilet for a full bathroom. Offering a HP pump system, the Saniplus toilet can install a complete bathroom as much as 15 feet below your sewer line, and a full 150 feet away from your soil stack. This range makes the Saniflo Saniplus one of our top-selling toilets and keeps it a favorite among homeowners throughout the country. Durable, beautiful, and designed to work hard, this is an ideal whole-home toilet.

If your Saniflo is foaming out the air vent, this is usually due to too much toilet cleaner/bleach being used. If you let this happen for too long, the motor will overheat and cut out because it can't pump the water correctly. The water needs to be diluted in order to dispose of the foam, or alternatively, turn the macerator on for quick bursts.

Saniflo toilets offer a design which makes it possible to add one almost anywhere in your home. It eliminates the need to break through floors or install complex plumbing systems. This innovative design creates an upflush macerating system which has been around since the 1950s.

The macerating feature pulverizes the waste after the toilet flushes. Then the waste is pumped to your septic or soil stack (or to your main sewer pipe) up to 150 feet away. Once the process is finished, the toilet refills with water and the tank are clean.

1. A Saniflo toilet installation can occur almost anywhere in the home.Saniflo toilets are installable almost anywhere in the home, regardless of what your drainage system or plumbing setup happens to be. Because it is an upflush system, these toilets are an excellent addition to a basement bathroom where upward movement of waste is necessary. You can even install them in areas not initially intended for a toilet, like an outdoor workshop, a nook under the stairs, or a similar location. The waste goes directly to external sewage or your septic system. 041b061a72


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