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Kamap Android Witaminka Apk

Kamap Android Witaminka Apk

Kamap Android Witaminka Apk is a free Android application that provides tourist and bicycle navigation in Poland. The app allows users to access offline maps that cover most of the Polish territory, including forests and mountains. Users can also search for locations, zoom in and out, and see their current location on the map. The app is developed by Zaksoft, a company that specializes in creating tourist maps and software.


The app's name, Kamap Android Witaminka, is a combination of the words "KaMap", which is the name of the map series produced by Zaksoft, and "Witaminka", which is a Polish word that means "vitamin". The app's slogan is "KaMap - witaminka dla turysty i rowerzysty", which translates to "KaMap - vitamin for tourist and cyclist". The app's logo is a green leaf with the letters "K" and "M" on it.

The app's main features include:

  • Offline maps: Users can download maps from the app's website and store them on their device. The maps do not require an internet connection to work, which is useful for areas with poor or no signal. The maps are updated regularly and are the same ones available for purchase at the shop.

  • Tourist and bicycle navigation: Users can navigate through various terrains, such as forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers, using the app's maps. The maps show tourist attractions, hiking trails, cycling routes, campsites, shelters, and more. Users can also see their current location, speed, altitude, distance traveled, and time elapsed on the map.

  • Search function: Users can search for locations by name or address using the app's search function. The app will show the results on the map and provide directions to the selected destination.

  • Zoom function: Users can zoom in and out of the map using the app's zoom function. The app will adjust the level of detail and scale of the map accordingly.

The app's advantages include:

  • Reliability: The app does not depend on an internet connection or GPS signal to work, which makes it reliable for outdoor activities. Users can navigate through remote areas without worrying about getting lost or running out of battery.

  • Accuracy: The app uses high-quality maps that are created by experts and verified by field workers. The maps are based on aerial photographs and satellite images, and are updated regularly to reflect any changes in the terrain or infrastructure.

  • Usability: The app has a simple and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate. The app uses clear icons and simple instructions to guide users through its functions. The app also has versions available for Windows CE (car navigation) and Windows for desktop computers.

The app's disadvantages include:

  • Limited coverage: The app only covers Poland and does not have maps for other countries or regions. Users who want to travel outside of Poland will need to use other apps or sources for navigation.

  • Large size: The app requires a lot of storage space on the device, as each map file can be up to several hundred megabytes in size. Users will need to have enough free space on their device or use an external memory card to store the maps.

  • Cost: The app is free to download and use, but users will need to pay for the maps they want to download from the app's website. The prices vary depending on the size and quality of the map, but they can range from a few zlotys to several dozen zlotys per map.

The app's rating and reviews are:


[Google Play]4.5/5"Great app for cycling and hiking. Maps are accurate and detailed. Offline mode works well."

[Softonic]4.7/5"KaMap AM is a reliable and useful app for those who want to explore Poland's natural landscapes without getting lost."

[SoundCloud]3.2/5"The app is good, but the music is annoying. I wish I could turn it off."

The app's download link is:

[KaMap AM APK for Android - Download]

The app's website is:

[KaMap - witaminka dla turysty i rowerzysty]

The app's contact information is:


ul. Wrocławska 18

58-309 Wałbrzych


Tel: +48 74 842 18 18



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