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When I saw the characters in this page, I was like: "Why do they look the same and have the same name as Life is Strange characters?" But I was too dumb to notice the title, I only realized it when I opened the game. I love Chloe so much though.??

Free download love strange love

This game is so wholesome. I loved each one of the story pathways. The writing was really good and the characters were written very accurately to the original characters. Overall this game is really cool!

Playing this game after the original feels amazing, like waking up in a cozy bedroom after a weird and upsetting dream. I loved Life is Strange but I wasn't sure I'd be playing it again with all the hard stuff in it. Now I think I will. An extra story that takes place a year later, with everyone alive and happy, makes the hard stuff a little less hard and adds a beautiful epilogue to the original game. The atmosphere is perfect, as are the characters. I'm looking forward to more playthroughs. Congrats!

I've played this game before and loved it. I now have a linex laptop and felt like revisiting it but once downloaded I'm not sure how to open it from the file for a linex laptop. Does anyone know how? Thanks in advance :)

Everybody in this book is hungry for love, and nobody is hungrier than Annie Zito, but this divorced mother never loses her head and only rarely considers murder. . . . These stories will surprise you with their intensity and intimacy, and Lenzo's language will mesmerize you.

Beyond the map lies the territory within, and the characters that reside in Lisa Lenzo's rural Michigan charm with their daredevil imperative to love and lose and to seek love yet again. With the gravity and momentum of a novel, and the intensity and focus of the short story, Strange Love is pitch-perfect, a blend of comedy and pathos, folly and hope, simultaneously small-town and so big-hearted that I did not, upon turning the final page, want this book to end. A storyteller of unusual powers.

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Along the way I shared my stories with the people I encountered and they shared theirs with me, creating time and space to explore the notion of love together. As the work progressed I began to record some of these powerful and compelling stories, creating an online audio collection so that more people could share in the experience.

But as I stepped out of my front door on a cold and clear April morning in 2012 I had no idea where the work would lead me, nor how profound the implications might be of connecting love stories to the process of social transformation.

I've held sharings in diverse locations from opera houses to prisons, from the calm of a forest path to the busy rhythm of summer festivals, from the rural to the urban. I've listened to hundreds of love stories, and the online audio collection has been listened to by more than 25,000 people in over 50 countries in every continent on the globe.

Through these shared experiences of storytelling I have come to the passionate conviction that love stories can change the world, and that sharing loving narratives can be a powerful tool for personal and social change. But how does that happen? And what is a love story anyway?

On my journeys I've found that love stories seem to express those moments in our lives when we experience deep connection -as an individual connecting with our interior world, or in connection with others, or with place and with the earth.

Love stories can describe instances, lifetimes, or fleeting moments of connection. They engage with the everyday as well as the highs and lows of our experiences. In a sense, love stories are life stories because they often reflect moments when we feel most alive-when we experience "the fullest expansion of our humanity" in the words of writer and activist Audre Lorde.

Such stories can be powerfully emotive because they express these moments of aliveness, or the shadow side of these experiences - lack of connection, loss of understanding, and loss of compassion. So love stories explore the range of our emotions and the edges of our experiences: joy, sadness and loss; our sense of home or of being found; pain, anger, bliss, and heart ache.

These deep emotions arise because, in most cases, love stories explore experiences where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to open out to other people, to ourselves and to our environment. We loosen our barriers, we disarm, and we sensitize ourselves to others and the world.

On my first journey along the South Downs of England, for example, I met with an elderly man on the top of Beacon Hill. We started talking about love and he told me that every day, he and his dog walked the same path in remembrance of his wife who had passed away the previous year.

Walking the same route was the only way he could re-awaken her presence with him. The walk was his love story, an epitaph to love and lost love. He expressed the depth of this daily connection, he felt her by his side, in communion with the fields and the sky and their dog, and love continued to unfold through this simple process.

Last year as I walked along a canal towpath through Birmingham a woman in her forties stopped me and asked what I was doing. We walked the path together for a while and she shared her love story with me. Tearfully she spoke of her pain as a mother struggling to let go of her child as he grew older and more independent. He had gone away with friends and she was out of communication with him. This was a love story of letting go.

In 2013 I was fortunate to collaborate with the Pimlico Opera, who worked alongside prisoners to create theatrical productions. I sat down with a group of eight prisoners for a couple of hours and we talked about what love might mean to them, both on the inside and in relation to the outside world. For them love was experienced as a brief moment of connection, an open door, a pat of recognition or a nod.

One man, pointing a finger at his friend, said solemnly that "he is my love story" - not in the romantic sense but because he offered kindness, and there was acceptance in their friendship. On leaving I asked them if they would jot their names down on a piece of paper so I could remember them. Each one, without exception, wrote down their prisoner number first: loss of identity, separation - the antithesis of love.

First of all, sharing your love story takes courage. It requires us to become vulnerable with others, and asks us to be present in the moment. Through becoming vulnerable we make ourselves visible to others, and this can be challenging - like an unmasking.

Secondly, the act of sharing encourages us to express moments when we experience our humanity profoundly, but it also provides an opportunity to create new and evolving narratives of love. For example, the woman in Birmingham who found it hard to look at herself was able to voice her fears and her sense of disconnection, but she also found the courage to take a photo of herself and give it to her mum - a small but not unimportant transformation.

We must engage in defiant acts of personal exploration, of vulnerability and sharing, of listening and understanding. Our activism must start with ourselves just as it extends to others. We must go out on the longest of limbs to practice love in action.

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