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Youth of Agia Marina

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Ezra Harris
Ezra Harris

Seraph Nuker.rar

lol very nice mission - didnt knew how to finish even the first one - i already killed all gla and those 3 seraphs .. and the 3 gla bases -- doesnt know what to do next - no strings what so ever had been notifying me lol.

Seraph nuker.rar

Well the First thing is that you Destroy the GLA CommandTruck and then Kill A Heroic GLA Rebel at the very North-east End of the map in the 3 GLA base, after that Kill the Cyborg Commando near the 3 seraphims and Widow after that Kill the 3 seraphims and Widow. 041b061a72


Welcome to the group! The aim of this group is to bring toge...


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