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We Rented An Apartment To Have The Best Sex In ...

Q. Karen paid a $25 application fee to apply for an apartment. The next day, she found another apartment she liked better. She asked the first landlord if he would refund her application fee, but he said the fee was nonrefundable. Did the landlord have the right to keep the fee?

We Rented an Apartment to have the best Sex in ...

Your rights and duties are different if you have been evicted for breach of the lease, or have left the rented property before the lease expired. Under these circumstances, you should send a written notice to the landlord by first-class mail within 45 days of being evicted or leaving the property. This notice must advise the landlord of your new address and request the return of your deposit. Once the landlord receives the written request, they must take certain steps.

A. Yes. When renting an apartment, a landlord may accept a surety bond as an alternative to the tenant providing a security deposit. While both protect the landlord against damage to the rented property, failure to pay rent, or expenses incurred due to a breach of lease, there are underlying differences.

Q. Jason was supposed to move into his new apartment on March 1st, but the previous tenant did not move out on time and the landlord said the apartment would not be ready until the 6th. What could Jason do?A: Jason had the right to cancel his lease and get back any prepaid rent or security deposit he had paid to the landlord. If he chose to wait for the apartment, he could find temporary lodging, put his furniture into storage, and have the landlord pay for those expenses, as well as additional moving expenses. He would not owe rent for the days he was not able to occupy the apartment. If a landlord fails to allow you to take possession of your rental unit at the beginning of your lease, you have the right to cancel the lease with written notice to the landlord. Also, the landlord is liable to you for any damages you suffer as a result of not being able to move in at the beginning of the lease, whether or not you decide to cancel the lease. Unfortunately, while the landlord may be legally responsible for your expenses in this situation, it may not be easy to obtain payment. You may have to take the landlord to court and then undertake collection efforts.Back to top

A. No. If she stopped paying rent, the landlord could evict her. But Lisa does have the right to have adequate heat in her apartment. By following certain steps, she can deposit her rent money into an escrow account established at the District Court instead of paying rent to her landlord.

Q. Maria and two other tenants in her apartment complex circulated a petition to form a tenants' group to deal with the landlord's failure to make repairs. The landlord's nephew, who is also a tenant in the complex, reported this activity to the landlord. The landlord notified Maria that her rent would increase by $100 a month. Does Maria have to pay the higher rent or face eviction?

Q. Kevin and two fellow college students rented a house. The lease stated that only three non-related adults could occupy the house, but Kevin invited two more students to move in to share costs. After neighbors complained about loud parties, the landlord discovered the extra tenants. He told the students he was evicting all of them for breach of lease and they had to be out of the house by the weekend. Could the landlord do that? A. No. The landlord can evict the students, but must follow the process set forth by Maryland law. Eviction is a legal procedure. The landlord can't just tell you that you have to move or throw out your belongings. To evict you, a landlord must go to District Court to get a judgment against you. If a landlord moves your belongings out of the home, changes the locks or cuts off utilities without a court order, you should call the police and an attorney or a legal services organization. A landlord cannot evict you simply because you have filed a complaint or a lawsuit against him or her or because you have joined a tenants' association. This is called a retaliatory eviction," and you may be able to stop an eviction by showing the Court that your landlord is evicting you for one of these reasons. A landlord can evict you for:

If you qualify under the requirements of "repair and deduct," you may treat your lease as void. You then have the right to move out if you choose not to make repairs. However, you must pay the fair rental value for the period you occupied the apartment, and you must vacate within a reasonable period of time.

Massachusetts Fair Housing law prohibits discrimination in housing on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, ancestry, military background or service, sex, sexual preference, marital status, disability or the need of a guide dog, except owner-occupied two family dwellings. A landlord also cannot refuse to rent you an apartment because you receive a rental subsidy, because the apartment contains lead, or, with some exceptions, because you have children.

Theoretically, you can charge as much as you want for a room rental; most homeowners set their prices somewhere below the local price for a one-bedroom studio apartment to attract the right tenants. Some cities or state laws may have price caps on how much you can rent out, but in most cases, it is up to the tenant and landlord to negotiate the price.

Renting out a room in your house can be a great experience and a great way to make some extra cash as long as you take the time to do it right. Work through the rental setup, advertising, screening, and agreement signing thoroughly to ensure that you have the best rental situation possible.

I have been asked 2 vacant my unit. Apt by June 30.I notified my recertification team ohfa. They came out did a inspection. I sen5 off insulation to a lab in my state. Its not what you know its who you know. The fiber is horrible. Anyway I received a extension to search for another apt. But my voucher is very low I qualify for only 570 u barely can find that. The substance is so offensive. If it is asbestos and mis diagnosed then I will suffer. Five people have died on this property with respitorory unfection..

I have rented from a private landlord for 6 years. Lease is up 2/28. She informed us she is putting house up for sale before lease is up. She walked through the house a few weeks ago and made a list of items she wants fixed/addressed/cleaned including carpet (realtor told her to replace, she doesnt want to spend money). She is harassing us to fix this stuff so she can put her house on market asap. Everyone I talk to says this is unheard of and landlord should be using security deposit. I know she has the right to sell house and put on lockbox but do I have to address these issues? Isnt this her responsibility? Let me also add that she never made yearly inspections of property so she had no idea what condition the house was in prior to 1/2.

I found out that we overpaid the security deposit when my daughter rented a condo with two friends. Everyone was supposed to pay $450, but we mistakenly paid the total of $1350 ourselves, so the landlord received $900 extra dollars in security deposits. The landlord has not ever acknowledged this overpayment, even though we emailed him proof from the receipts of the cashiers checks we had sent The girls have since moved out and he is charging them an enormous amount for HOA violations ($250 per violation times 11) even though the total of the violations was really only $660 for various trashcan violations. The girls never received a copy of the HOA rules and he never notified them of the fines until they moved out. First of all, how can I get back my excess deposit, and secondly, can he charge us over $2700 for HOA violations without charging them/notifying them during the year when the violations occurred?

i lived with my boyfriend for 2 years and rented my home out so he died in february and his children sold our house the person that rents my home knew that i had to come home i lowered the rent a little but i ask her not to move other people in my home well her daughter moved her boyfriend in and i ask for more rent she told me that they wasnt there enough pay rent i lived in Georgia what can i do because of the cut in rent and move i have no money

my mother passed away a week ago oct 5 she was living in a federally subsidized low income housing in Maine my family was refused entrance we were told only the executer of the estate was aloud in so iv been working on getting that done they called my younger sister today and informed her they entered the apartment did a inventory and mailed out to my moms last known address a letter of abandonment after a week knowing we have been trying to get in is this legal should i call someone or get a lawyer or just wait on probate to be named the executor ?thanks

Now when a manger keep hrasshing a tenant to get out without paper work from the owner know nothing about it And the manger is still harrasinge a tenant by turning of her power off without the electric company know that it the manger whom keep turning off her power for her apartment at one time the manger had turn off her power 6 time in that day and lieing to the plioce office saying that oh that apartment whom he keep on harassing and turn off her power have a problem that he say it might cause fire in that apartment and the electric company had say no it not true

I rented an apartment at college and the apartment my roommate and I were shown the rooms were the same size. The apartment we were assigned ,however has my room half the size of my roommates. I notified the Manager and asked for a rent reduction based on the room being much smaller and the unit being totally different. The Manager says that rooms vary and exact sizes are not always available. Is that legal for me to be charged the same rent as my roommate even though my room is half the size? 041b061a72


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