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The Walking Dead S04e05

Multiple threats pressure the prison inhabitants: the increase of walkers outside the prison gates, and the deteriorating conditions of the people infected by the deadly virus. It marks the return of The Governor (David Morrissey), who has been absent since the season three finale, "Welcome to the Tombs."

the walking dead s04e05

Inside the quarantined A Block, conditions continue to worsen for those infected by the deadly virus. Hershel tends to the patients, with the aid of Sasha and Glenn. Hershel starts closing everyone's cell doors, following the advice of the dying Dr. Subramanian, and kills those who succumb to the virus away from the others' view.

Returning to the side of an unconscious Glenn, Hershel realizes he needs the bag valve mask still strapped to the intubated walker, and wrestles it for the bag. Maggie heads to the visitation room, kills the remaining undead and shoots the intubated walker, allowing Hershel to retrieve the bag for Glenn. Outside, the fence gives way and a horde of walkers get in. Rick and Carl arm themselves with assault rifles and gun them down. Right after they finish, the van with Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob arrives with the medicine needed for the remaining sick, and Carl reassures his father that they will be all right. Tyreese goes and cradles his sister in his arms, while Bob goes to administer drugs to Glenn. Hershel returns to the cell of Dr. Subramanian, opens his Bible and breaks down into tears for his fallen friend.

Their night is about to get a whole lot worse when we cut to see a herd of walkers piling their bodies against the car on the bridge and falling into the water. John wakes in the night to see them all coming up from the shore. He shouts for Laura and starts hacking away at them. Most fall into the ditches, but so many pile on top of each other that it allows for other walkers to walk unimpeded along their backs. Soon they become overwhelmed and Laura falls into a ditch herself. The dead are reaching for her when John whips out both his guns.

This is the story John has been telling Morgan in the present. He clutches a small tin that carries those Scrabble pieces and Morgan reminds him that Laura/Naomi still loves him. He refuses to let John believe Laura is dead and that Alicia must have been wrong. So they set out with a reignited hope and determination to find her.

That is if her daughter is dead. When someone says that they "lost" someone -- especially in this world -- one would assume she died. But what if she didn't die, and Naomi only believes her child to be dead.

What did you think of "Laura"? Where you surprised to learn that Naomi had a child whom she lost? Could her child actually be Charlie? Do you think Naomi could be dead? If she is alive, will John ever find her?

The vast bulk of 'Laura' is all about John Dorie's kind of incredible life of solitude in his cabin by the river. As far as post-apocalyptic existences go, John has it made. He's dug a trench between his cabin and the river to help keep out the dead. He fishes and gathers berries and cactus fruit. He has power, though I'm not sure how. I suspect either a generator or solar. We'll leave that be. Update: He has a windmill! I missed this, my mistake. I figured it was something like that but just didn't notice...

She doesn't tell him her name, so he gives her one: Laura. We know her as Naomi. And like the Naomi who tried to run from Alicia and the rest of the Diamond survivors last week, she tries to run from John just the moment she can. She steals some stuff and tries to make off with his truck but the battery is dead and he manages to convince her to stay.

That's another thing. I love that this show still has great zombie moments. I didn't really care for last week's episode, but I loved the water park and the fact that we had some great scary, tense moments with the undead. This is a zombie show, after all. The Walking Dead hardly even uses zombies anymore. It's all about the living vs the living all the time. I like that Fear isn't going that route, even if they do have a similar conflict set up with the Vultures now.

Actually, I thought of the famous line from Casablanca "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and then realized that the scene of John and Morgan walking off is actually incredibly similar to the final scene in that movie. I mean, look:

Inside A Block, things continue to worsen as more members get sick. Henry cannot breathe, so Hershel decides to intubate him, which allows him to be manually ventilated with an air bag. Sasha and Glenn take shifts pumping air into Henry's lungs, beginning with Sasha. Glenn and Hershel find Mr. Jacobson dead, with blood covering his face from his nose and mouth. Glenn reaches for his knife, intending to stab him in the head so he won't reanimate. However, Hershel stops him and says not to do it in front of everyone. Instead, they load him onto a gurney so he can be transported to a more isolated location. As Mr. Jacobson begins to reanimate, Hershel finds that he is unable to put him down. Glenn steps in and finishes the job.

The next morning, Rick returns to his usual routine, splashing water on his face. He is about to go talk to Daryl when Carl comes along. Rick instead decides to spend time with Carl harvesting the garden. Hershel helps Michonne and Daryl load up the dead bodies. Daryl asks where Carol is, and Hershel avoids the question by telling him that she is fine but to talk to Rick about her. Michonne extends an offer to Hershel to join her, and he accepts.

The next morning, John finds Naomi trying to steal his truck. He calmly explains how she got there and how the battery in his truck his dead. John offers her food, water, and a clean bandage, which she reluctantly accepts. Inside, he helps stitch up her wound and makes her fish stew. He introduces himself and asks if he can call her Laura until she feels comfortable. Although she promises not to stay long, he offers her the bed and sets up a sheet to give her privacy. This seems to warm her up a bit, and they briefly discuss her career as a nurse before she goes to bed. At night, Naomi discovers him cleaning his gun.

"Internment" mostly takes place in the sick wing, a setting that dramatizes all the desperation of the infected incredibly well. For the first time since the show began, the threat of Glenn's dying is palpable. No one is getting better, and the number of dead grow by the day. The survivors are desperate for a cure, but no one is willing to care for the sick (and risk themselves), except for Hershel.

This is a scene The Walking Dead excels at. First there's the reveal of a dead woman in her cell, out of Herschel's control because he can't close the cells quickly enough. Then he happens upon Sasha passed out, and needs to take time to revive her. And in excruciating fashion, seconds tick by as Herschel tends to Sasha, waits with her, talks with her, before casually moving on to other patients. The doctor is gone, others have turned, a sick man eaten, and a man previously intubated and kept alive by the kindness and determination of a fading Glenn and Sasha turns and bears down on one of the fan-favorite characters on the show.

That night, Laura cleans him up. As they argue about using the gun, John tells Laura about the day he killed someone as a cop. It was a robber, and John shot him in the foot and let him bleed out. The robber turned, and it haunted John for a while, even when people celebrated him as a hero. Back in the bridge, the dead Walker in the car slides off and accidentally hits the handbrake, causing it to move away from the opening and allowing the horde of Walkers to fall.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the FTWD showrunners were asked the question of whether Naomi is really dead. While Goldberg did not actually confirm Laura's status, his brief answer did not exactly say that she is already dead but merely hinted that there could be more to the story.

The other possibility is that the upcoming FTWD Season 4 Episode 5 might just be one big flashback. If this is the case, there will be no need to explain Laura's current whereabouts because she could still be dead at present while being explored next episode from John's perspective.

With the likes of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) currently out hunting for supplies, Hershel has taken it on himself to look after those suffering from the deadly disease that has decimated the prison, despite the risk of infection such actions entail. He's played little more than advisor figure in the last couple of seasons, but here he proves himself the backbone of the show as he courageously tries to treat the inflicted.

Unable to keep the undead locked in their cells, it's a terrifying moment when they break out and swarm over the prison, as we realise the one-legged Hershel is the only one around who can fight the zombie hordes. Unfortunately the incredibly tense race to save the gravely sick Glenn, with Hershel grappling with one of the undead over the bag valve mask, is hampered by Bear McCreary's overblown score.

What we're left with for now is a lot of dead redshirts, and morale at an all time low. As Hershel quotes Travels with Charley to Rick: "A sad soul kills quicker than any germ". American literature from Steinbeck and Sawyer is referenced in the episode, but it's from the Bible that Hershel finds his faith tested. The he returns to Caleb's (Sunkrish Bala) cell to read the gospel, only to break down in tears, is a quietly powerful moment that highlights the difficulties to not fall in to despair when confronted with such tragedy.

Within the secret complex, Eleven has a shaved head again and starts walking through the facility before the main story of Stranger Things takes place. Something abnormal is going on as she seems to be stuck in a continuous loop.

Sometimes people ask about storytelling in the past. One of the reasons I love stories was that they allowed my mind to roam and intersect with other people in the way that prayer or meditation or song allowed the mind and emotions to intersect with spirit. I think storytelling is our, it is a technology we have come up with that connects mind, emotion, and bodies, and past and present and exploring the future. I know that Caesar wrote that and I was in his future, but I'm reading it now. And after I'm dead, someone will read something that I have either read, or if God is kind, something I've written. So the very act of writing is an assertion into the future. The language I'm using was created by ancient human beings desperate to communicate with one another, and over time and time and time.


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