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Greek School of Agia Marina

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Ezra Harris
Ezra Harris

Download Timbaland Drum Kit Rar

One of the most important tasks while making beats is picking the right drum samples. Fortunately, there are countless free drum kits available on the internet. I spent hours finding + downloading them and finally came up with this list of the best picks.

Download Timbaland Drum Kit rar

It took me years to record anything from vinyl records to vintage drum machines and an immense amount of my own live recordings as a drummer and percussionist. I completely fell into the trap of being a perfectionist...

First of all, I offer you a royalty-free drum pack of the highest quality, which has been carefully selected from my full Premium Drum Packs. You can download these instantly, by signing up to my e-mail newsletter here. This way I can also send you more cool stuff and the best new free drum kits in the future.These are .Wav audio files (one shots and loops), loadable in any digital audio workstation, virtual or hardware drum machine and sampler. It doesn't matter if you use FL Studio, Logic Pro or a MPC / Maschine. They will work right away.

Besides the free drum kit, I offer you a section on How to Make Beats, again totally at no charge!This section contains articles in which I (and sometimes my accomplished music colleagues) will break down songs we did, some for high-level projects, and:

"Better drums. More placements. That's sort of become the motto as of late, when talking about the "Blap-Kit" drum series. If all 5 BLAP-KITS were brothers, then this latest release, Volume 5, would be the outcast of the family. The dark horse. The outspoken sibling. "BLAP-KIT Volume 5" is meant to break all the rules. Unlike Volumes 1 - 4, Volume 5's kick & snare hits are heavily layered, processed & reverbed/effected just enough to create really inspiring and over-the-top textures. Each sound follows tradition by staying just within "0", but all tweaked just enough to "feel" and "sound" larger than life. For the 1st time ever, we've included vocal "grunts" (James Brown-esq.), weird percussion, more drum-rolls (for those beat turn-arounds) and even long sub-bass stems, which can be used to create basslines or your own 808 kick drums. "BLAP-KIT Volume 5" is a must have for your drum sample collection. Period." - !llmind 041b061a72


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