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Greek School of Agia Marina

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Watch 5x18

Thank you for posting. I have enjoyed The Rookie but I felt like I wasted an hour of my life watching this one. The story line was such a reach. The only reason I kept watching is because I kept thinking it had to be a joke or there was a twist coming. The whole doppelgänger plot is so old and seems like a flashing light that this show is in big trouble from a writing perspective.

You know, I would say unofficially, it was sexism. Possibly homophobia. The chief was threatened by me, and then the new chief, the female chief, had the chance to correct the mistake, but she declined because she's doing it just like the boys club, which is not progress at all. It's just the same thing. Instead, I'm stuck watching an incompetent drunk and a backstabbing drug addict have a pissing contest over a job that's rightfully mine while I just wipe up their urine so that nobody else slips and falls. 041b061a72


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