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[S1E13] I Choose You _BEST_

Ryan is officially introduced to the bi-religious holiday of 'Chrismukkah', thanks to Seth who has set this up for his parents; the Catholic Kristin and the Jewish Sandy. At the same time, Seth insists he has two Godly forces helping him as he continues to play both Summer and Anna by claiming he has chosen the other. Meanwhile, Marissa slides more into depression and debauchery over her family life problems and gets arrested for shoplifting with Ryan. It gets worse when she gets drunk at Seth's 'Chrismukkah' party and nearly gets arrested for drunk driving. Ryan covers for her. Then he gets into a fight with Marissa, saying she can't do this to herself anymore. Kirsten risks more than just her job by speaking out about her father Caleb's shady business deals. Summer and Anna find out about Seth's two-timing them and decide to give him a 'very special gift' to make him choose which one he wants to be with.

[S1E13] I Choose You

Christmas has come to Newport, and Seth, Sandy, and Kirsten introduce the concept of Chrismukkah to Ryan. As Seth wraps presents in the pool house, he tells Ryan that he's giving Anna and Summer the same present, which Ryan tries to talk him out of, telling Seth that he's going to have to choose a girl eventually. Sandy reveals that he's not going to be home for the holidays, seeing as how Caleb is going to take him to court despite his saying that if Sandy's firm met his offer, it could be avoided. Meanwhile, Jimmy has a job interview, and Marissa tries to tell him that he can skip Christmas due to him not having money to buy presents, which Jimmy says isn't going to happen. He assures her that he's going to find a job, and Christmas will go on.

Emma confronts rival choir directors Grace Hitchens (Eve) and Dalton Rumba (Michael Hitchcock), while New Directions chooses new performance pieces for their set list at the last minute. Rachel asks Mercedes to perform another ballad, but Mercedes insists, with the rest of the club agreeing, that Rachel is the best choice to perform "on the fly". They also decide to include "Somebody to Love" as their closer but are stuck for a third piece until Finn arrives with new sheet music for the group, ready to perform with them. Rachel gives a solo performance of "Don't Rain on My Parade", receiving a standing ovation after finishing. The group then performs "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones, to the applause and cheers of the audience. After their performance, Grace attempts to confess her duplicity to the judges, but they have already unanimously decided that New Directions has won the competition. Will angrily confronts Sue and promises he will damage her for all the trouble she has caused.

"What do you suggest? We choose? One species over the other?""All I'm saying is we let nature make the choice.""To hell with nature. You're a doctor, you have a moral obligation to help people who are suffering."

The class proceeds to do 300 squats though they soon begin to feel exhausted if this continues. Kurahashi pleads for Karasuma, which Takaoka hears. Stating that Karasuma is not their teacher anymore, he starts to punish her until Karasuma blocks his punch. Takaoka uses this interference as a challenge to determine who will be Class E's PE teacher. He proposes that Karasuma choose a student to fight Takaoka with a real knife while he is unarmed.

If that student wins by at least stopping short of making a hit Takaoka will leave. Otherwise, his authority will not be rechallenged. Takaoka thinks about how this trick works in the big league as when he pummels a fresh-faced recruit wielding a knife within an inch of his life, all while unarmed, he gains alpha dog status. Despite his misgivings, Karasuma chooses Nagisa due to the earlier presence he felt last time and advises him on how best to defeat Takaoka. Takaoka and Irina question this choice though Korosensei assures Irina to watch. Nagisa accepts, partly because he trusts Karasuma and also to pay Takaoka back for injuring Kanzaki and Maehara.

Just missing Shawn's deadline, Eleanor and Jason return, joining Chidi and Tahani. Shawn decides that they can choose any two of the four to go to the Bad Place. Many arguments are made for who should go and who should stay, with Real Eleanor offering to take one spot. As their arguments become more heated and frustrating, Eleanor laments how torturous this is... and then has an epiphany: the painful feelings the four of them have been experiencing was not by accident but by design, meaning they've been in the Bad Place all along. Michael admits that this is true - while brainstorming at his architect job, he had come up with an innovative idea for a section of the Bad Place posing as a Good Place neighborhood run by a stolen Good Place Janet where Eleanor, Jason, Chidi, and Tahani, the only human inhabitants, were to drive each other to agony while the demons worked to keep the humans on their toes. However, the plan went awry when Eleanor confessed; after that, Michael and everyone else had to scramble to keep things from going off the rails. He also didn't foresee Jason and Janet falling in love.

As Luz arrives at the entrance, she meets up with Willow and Gus who congratulate her for her acceptance, and introduce her to the covens the school's tracks represent. Luz enters the school, and makes her way to Principal Bump, to whom she explains her schedule for the day - which includes exploring multiple covens. Bump denies this schedule, telling her she must choose one coven, and decides it'll be the potions track against her will.

Yeah, it's the migration, right, to almost like an enclave where there's going to be a lot more homogenous thinking. November 6. Here is what I'm not going to mention who this is on Parler, who posted it, but here's the parley: "In a war, you're supposed to support your warriors and fighters. The Republican Party simply doesn't know how to fight back. They choose to ignore evidence and they have majorities and they fail to act when they have power. The Republican Party made its bed with their fecklessness, cowardice and disloyalty. Now they get to sleep in it." First reply: "With corruption at all levels of the government and justice system, will elections be fair and 2022 and 2024?" 041b061a72


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