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Greek School of Agia Marina

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Ezra Harris
Ezra Harris

[S6E3] Thank You ((FREE))

Glenn is one of my favorite characters by a landslide. He's brave, kind, clever, and has learned to survive without sacrificing his humanity. He deserved better than to fall off a dumpster thanks to the cowardice of the man he tried to redeem. Then again, there's a bit of brutal irony that after sparing his life, Nicholas would still be the death of Glenn.

[S6E3] Thank You

Things are no better for Glenn and Nicholas, who find themselves trapped in a dead end as well. Although they find temporary safety atop a dumpster, Nicholas' old cowardice eventually kicks back in. Although Glenn can see him freaking out and tries to talk him out of daze, Nicholas instead puts his gun to his head, offers the episode's titular "thank you," to Glenn and pulls the trigger, spraying Glenn's face with his blood. As Nicholas falls, Glenn is taken down with him and the herd of walkers quickly descend on Glenn, ripping open his torso and munching on him. It's truly one of the hardest scenes to watch the show has depicted, as Glenn silently screams as his blood and entrails come pouring out. Thanks for nothing, Nicholas. 041b061a72


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