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Publish your flip book in multiple formats including HTML files, EXE, APP, APK, or WordPress plug-ins, and distribute it to empower your marketing and sales campaigns. Offline and online flipbooks are both available for your choice.

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You provide ideas and concepts, we offer our top-notch and hassle-free service.We always put customers first and innovate relentlessly.Convert & Design & Share.All in one flipbook software.

Design your style flipbook: customize the page-flipping eBook background colors; set a logo image for branding; customize the toolbar on functions like print, download or share your page flip eBook. There are dozens of different settings that allow you to customize your page-flipping eBook to suit your style.

You can embed video genetic code, add an online video file, YouTube ID, Vimeo ID, or insert local video to your flipbook, which can improve visual appeal and make your flipbooks more engaging. Therefore, you can keep readers longer on your pages and deliver much more information about your brand or company.

There are 90+ various shapes to help you design a stylized and unique flipbook. You can also use a shape & line brush to draw any shape for all your needs. You can generate a QR code for your product website, and readers can simply scan the code with their mobile device to open the web page for more information about the product.

"Go to page" can guide readers on what should be read next in your flipbook. Also, readers can jump to another page quickly to get the needed information, which can improve the efficiency of reading a book.

Add your phone number so that your readers can instantly get in touch with you by tapping on the phone icon when they have any issue with your products or flipbook content. Create an engaging experience that connects readers with your company and builds trust between customers and your brand.

You can embed a link as a pop-up window to show more information about your website. This provides a seamless experience to your readers without having to leave your flipbook. It is good at grabbing users' attention and can be effective as a marketing strategy.

Apply various animation effects including entrance/attention/exit effects to the selected element to make your element more dynamic and engage your readers. With animation effects, readers will be more easily caught by your flipbook.

Hundreds of Entrance/Attention/Exit animation effects, such as rotate, zoom in/out, and bounce, help you create more engaging content and keep your readers focusing on your flipbooks. You can customize animation effects speed, time, and more.

Adding your company logo or website icon to your flipbook helps to get exposure for your brand. It means you can deliver the branding information of your company to your clients when they are reading the branding brochure.

Link your flipbook to your Google Analytics account: each page of your publication will be tracked automatically. Measure the key metrics(traffic, page views, duration, bounce rate) and events of every single flipbook page and create customized reports based on Google Analytics. Create, design, control, and increase your marketing effectiveness using Google Analytics within the publications.

To make it easier for you to publish your created flipbooks online, we developed the Hosting Add-on Service. By using this service, you can upload your book online instantly after creating, without FTP or other upload tools. You can easily manage your books, and make it easy for people to view your books online in their browser on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Publishing flipbook as an Android application that can be installed by Android phones/tablets. You can add an icon to brand your flipbook. Put it on the application market and update it to make more gain.

The page flip eBook created by Flip PDF Plus integrates with the hot feature - the modern social networks. Readers of your publication can click the [Share] button and directly share the current book on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms.

Flip PDF Plus helps you make the online books available on your website. You can get an embed code after uploading the flipbook via the Hosting Add-on Service. Copy the embed code and paste it into your HTML file so that your visitors can read the books without even leaving your website.

Set up a password or multiple passwords to protect the privacy of your flipbook. This will help you tighten up security for your digital publications. One Authorization ID is for one specific user. Only readers using these IDs and passwords can open and read your flipbooks.

Launch the Program, click Import PDF, then click Browse to import PDF. It is also possible to import TOC, links from your PDF and enable Search function in your flipbook.

Then in the Design interface, you can design your flipbook with built-in a template, theme, background, animated scene, assistant, bookmark, TOC, etc. Besides, in the Setting tab, you can customize your flipbook with various custom settings such as logo, toolbar, book cover and social share.

The powerful "Multi-media Editor" in Flip PDF Plus Pro enables publisher enrich flipbooks with video (like YouTube video), audio, images, links, text, shape,etc., which makes your page flipping ebook more gorgeous and attractive.

There are multiple output formats for a variety of purposes: HTML, ZIP, EXE, Mac App, WordPress plug-in. Choose the output form you want and click the "Confirm" button to publish your wonderful flipbook.

FlipHTML5 provides a perfect publishing solution for creating great viewing experiences with professional eBooks. Definitely, to create a fabulous eBook, no professional people or need any special programming skills required, FlipHTML5 flipbook maker enables you to DIY responsive HTML5-based flipbooks with simple steps. It is powerful for transforming static PDFs into interactive and professional eBooks. Try it free and experience increased efficiency and productivity.

Make your boring PDF to be dynamic and interesting. FlipHTML5 can help. This free professional flip book maker is designed to convert PDF and images to HTML5 & jQuery-based page flip eBook within minutes. Furthermore, you are able to decorate your flipbooks with different styles of pre-designed templates and themes in this HTML5 Flipbook Maker. The vivid and professional eBook looking will amaze audiences when reading.

The Flip Book Software- FlipHTML5 is a free flipping magazine maker that allows all level users to convert their content (PDF, Office, Images) into HTML5 publishing with a cool page-flipping effect. It offers a non-commercial version with various functions and themes for all users, regardless of their skill level.

The flipbooks created by Flip Book Maker are HTML5 and jQuery-based, making them compatible with various devices including Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile. You can upload your flipbook on the FlipHTML5 online service and share it on social media or embed it into your website or blog using a simple code.

Next FlipBook Maker Pro 2022 is a professional PDF to HTML5 flipbook making application that allows you to make HTML5 flipbooks from PDF and images. It provides a variety of advanced and effective tools, allowing users to turn static PDF into eye-catching digital flipbooks with a realistic page turning effect. It also offers a variety of customizable flipbook templates and animated SWF scenes to help you create digital page flipbooks, magazines, catalogs, brochures, e-books, and menus with compelling videos, audio files, and images. You can also download Download Zaxwerks All Plugins Bundle for After Effects.

It includes an advanced Batch Converter that allows you to quickly convert multiple PDF files to digital HTML5 flipbooks at the click of a button. It also allows you to add buttons, links, images, local, YouTube, Vimeo video, music, chart, etc. to your HTML5 flipbook to create interactive flipbooks . Furthermore, it also offers built-in FTP or one-click to upload facility to help you upload flipbooks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more. After uploading, readers can view your HTML5 flip books in the browser of any desktop, laptop, iOS, and Android device. All in all, Next Flipbook Maker Pro 2022 is an impressive application that allows you to easily convert PDF/images to stunning Flash and HTML5 flipbooks with a truly immersive page-turning experience. You can also download FlipBuilder Flip PDF Pro 2020 Free Download.

Customize flipbook the way you wantNext Flipbook Maker for Windows is extremely easy to use! After importing the PDF you want to convert to flipbook, you can see the page flipping effec and how your flipbook wil llook like in the Preview window. Click LAN Preview to preview the flipbook on any other devices. If you are satisfy with the flipbook, choose your next step: publish offline flipbook(html, zip, app, exe) or Publish WordPress Plugin (Joomla Module, Drupal Module), or upload flipbook online.

Flipbook Maker also provides multiple options for you to customize the flipbook: try various pre-designed flipbook templates and animated scenes and choose the most suitable one. Optimize your flipbook with logos, background music, background images, privacy settings, etc. Choose Minime Style if you want to remove all the stuffs.

Next FlipBook Maker Pro 2022 is a professional PDF to HTML5 flipbook making application which allows you to make HTML5 flipbooks from PDF and images. It provides a variety of advanced and effective tools allowing users to turn static PDF into eye-catching digital flipbooks with realistic page turning effect.It also offers a variety of customizable flip book templates and animated swf scenes to help you create digital page flipbooks, magazines, catalogues, brochures, eBooks, and menus with compelling videos, audio files and images. You can also download 1stFlip FlipBook Creator Pro Free Download. 041b061a72


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