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PATCHED TuEagles Anti Prn Block Parantal Software Win

Anti-Porn is very popular Internet controlling (blocking, filtering) software from China, specially designed for parents to put an end to porn sites for their children. It has a good reputation in the same type of tools.

PATCHED TuEagles Anti Prn Block Parantal Software Win

Anti-Porn is an automatic content filter software to protect your kids from pornographic web sites. In addition, the program can also filter chat conversations when offensive language is used and limit internet access based on specified usage times. Anti-Porn includes a database with thousands of web sites and you can easily add your own or exclude specified sites from filtering. The database can be updated online, so you always have the latest version. In addition to the blocking of sites, the program can also log all sites that are accessed and even take screenshots of the desktop at regular intervals. Additional features include options to limit usage of games and support for content in multiple languages.

anti porn software is an indispensable tool for controlling all performed operations on your computer. The application blocks access to unwanted or unsafe websites and applications. In addition, it filters websites and other elements that, for example, may pose a threat to our pet. Anti-Porn is a very popular tool outside of our country, used to control the use of our computer. It is perfect for controlling visited websites and programs launched by our children, spouses, employees and other people working on the computer.

There is also an eye protection function that blocks the computer after a certain time, giving the user the opportunity to rest. Anti-Porn also allows you to create a register of all visited websites, as well as capture and save disk screenshots of your desktop. Access to the configuration options is protected by the password provided while installing the software.

Dear Friends, You should properly install the Anti-Porn Full Version Crack on your computer or laptop. If you have any issues during installation on your computer or laptop, please share the problem and difficulties with me in the section. So I need to solve your question about installing this software. The Internet is a dangerous place to be, with no risk of damaging your system with bad software. Home computers, where young people pay attention to a viral phenomenon called the Internet, can easily be exposed to age-appropriate content. Fortunately, programs like anti-porn help in this direction.

Anti-Porn Crack Full version is widely known software that can do many restrictive actions. It is mainly a parental program that can block access to any porn related websites. Since the latter are known for hosting various kind of content that can actually harm your computer. From malwares such as trojans, worms and even crypto miners that reside on such websites.

To prevent children from accessing pornography, adult websites are checked and blocked by parental pornography controls. Keywords and URLs can be added to preconfigured TuEagles anti-porn lists. In addition to time limits, parental anti-porn checks can also identify and blacklist games from routine programs. You can access settings, logs, and screens with your password.

One such instance is anti-porn. It has a long list of pornographic websites that are already set to be blocked by default, but users can also choose which ones to block. This simple-to-use tool includes chat, picture recognition, limitations on games and the Internet, PC time management, and more. 350c69d7ab


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