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Benchmark ClickHouse Database And Clickhousedb Fdw

Here are the results from the each of the queries when run in different database set ups: PostgreSQL with and without indexes, native ClickHouse and clickhousedb_fdw. The time is shown in milliseconds.

Benchmark ClickHouse Database and clickhousedb fdw

The graph shows the query execution time in milliseconds, the X-axis shows the query number from the tables above, while the Y-axis shows the execution time in milliseconds. The results for ClickHouse and the data accessed from postgres using clickhousedb_fdw are shown. From the table, you can see there is a huge difference between PostgreSQL and ClickHouse, but there is minimal difference between ClickHouse and clickhousedb_fdw.

This graph shows the difference between ClickhouseDB and clickhousedb_fdw. In most of the queries, the FDW overhead is not that great, and barely significant apart from in Q12. This query involves joins and ORDER BY clause. Because of the ORDER BY clause the GROUP/BY and ORDER BY does not push down to ClickHouse.

The results from these experiments show that ClickHouse offers really good performance, and clickhousedb_fdw offers the benefits of ClickHouse performance from within PostgreSQL. While there is some overhead when using clickhousedb_fdw, it is negligible and is comparable to the performance achieved when running natively within the ClickHouse database. This also confirms that the PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper push-down feature provides wonderful results.

  • table.LOG_DB_NAME: The database name where theclickhouse_changelog table is created.

  • SRC_DB_HOST: The MySQL host where we will be downloading binary logs from. This can either be a primary or secondary/replica as long as its the same server where our raw table is also located.

  • MYSQL_USER: MySQL username.

  • MYSQL_PASS: MySQL password.

  • TABLE: The table we want to watch for changes.

When the script is successfully configured and running, the


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