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Canon Pixma IP4700 Service Mode Tool Version 1.050: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Risks

The service program must be started while the printer is not functioning, i.e. while the power indicator flashes orange.Once the device is recognized, the Service program starts, and after a couple of minutes (approximately) the printer is available again.

canon pixma ip4700 service mode tool version 1.050


Or, in case of having started the service program as well, is necessary to go to http://localhost:8080/ServiceTool/home.html (This way the printer will be detected - this is a normal behavior) - and then restart it by pressing the Resume button and stopping the MFP.

6. After starting the service program, with the diagnostic function switched off (a), select the Diagnostic tab (b), select the appropriate code, press the Show button (this will display the code in the list of the codes) or double-click on the code (this will display the number and the description) in the list. If the selected code does not appear in the list - this means that the connection to the printer is not established at this time. Click on the Check button (this will start the diagnostic function). It is assumed that the diagnostic function was not switched off during the switching on the printer or during the previous diagnostic check. The operation will be in progress until the diagnostic program ends. 7. The same operation should be done if the MFP is turned off, but not rebooted. In this case the diagnostics can not be launched, since the MFP is not starting.

After all the operations were completed (diagnostic and/or service) - Press the OK button. The diagnostic function ends and after about 20 seconds the printer will indicate that it is ready to be turned on again.


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