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Filoptohos of Agia Marina Church

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CONTOURS of rebelchieftain Sharad Pawar’s game plan are discernibleand it is not lethal to either of the two major politicalgroupings. Mr Pawar wanted his challenge to Mrs SoniaGandhi to unleash a hurricane which would flatten thepresent political structure and rearrange it in hisfavour. This has not happened even in his ownMaharashtra, where there has been only a slow traffic ofpoliticians to his side. So slow that he has to delay hisdeparture to Delhi so that he could personally persuadehis men to declare their loyalty to his cause! What ismore, not one major Congress leader from any other statehas come out openly in his favour. This shaky start hascrippled his ambitious plan to supplant the IndianNational Congress with his Indian Nationalist Congressand rule the country happily ever after. His admirers sayan opinion poll he sponsored showed that a majority (61per cent) of villagers in his home state were opposed toMrs Sonia Gandhi becoming Prime Minister. He projectedthis on to the all-India level and convinced himself thatat his mere call to arms, a good chunk of party leadersand workers would desert Mrs Gandhi and rally round him.What actually transpired is thus a big disappointment.But a born gambler who stakes all or nothing and oftenwins, Mr Pawar is ready with a contingency plan. And heshould broadly succeed here.

The answer to the issuesraised by Mr Sharad Pawar, Mr Purno Sangma and Mr TariqAnwar is not expression of sycophantic loyalty to MrsSonia Gandhi. This may consolidate Mrs Gandhi’s holdon the party, but then the Congress is not India —it never was.

In between this ongoingpolitical chaos the Union Education Secretary, MaharajKrishen Kaw, probably thinks “life is a squirrel...”. Well, exactly this is the title of hiscollection of poems, published by Konark and to bereleased on May 29 at the IIC. And inbetween all the talkof hectic courting sessions at Tamarind Court and all whoused to hold court there, there’s come in news thatthe ‘sex doctor’ from Bombay. Dr PrakashKothari is in town for the release of his book‘Common Sexual Problems ... Solutions ‘(UBS). Ihad thought that by now we’d be better acquaintedwith sexual problems but it seems the going is tough forthis is the revised edition of his earlier book. Havinginterviewed the man on earlier occasions I must add thatKothari does have a way of putting across even thedullest of facts (it’s a different matter that nosex related fact ever seems dull) in a direct and nononsense fashion. And after the much hyped NewDelhi-Lahore bus diplomacy — where besides severalprime hours of DD some hundred thousands of the taxpayers’ money went down the drain in that new busplus other bandobasts — things have gone completelyphut! It’s been increasingly felt that the Pakistanbased editor Najam Sethi has been arrested there (inPakistan) at the behest of Pakistan’s HighCommissioner in New Delhi, Ashraf Jahangir Qazi. This hassparked off a serious round of thinking here, for Sethihad been critical of the conditions prevailing inPakistan, in his talk in New Delhi last month and hisarrest has been linked to his outspokenness, though thePakistan government alleges his links with RAW.


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