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Island of Lost Souls is a 1932 American science fiction horror film that was directed by Erle C. Kenton and produced by Paramount Productions. The film is based on H. G. Wells' 1896 novel The Island of Doctor Moreau, and stars Charles Laughton, Richard Arlen and Kathleen Burke. Island of Lost Souls is about Edward Parker (Arlen), a sailor who finds himself stranded on an island that is occupied by the scientist Dr. Moreau (Laughton). Parker agrees to stay until the next boat arrives; Moreau introduces him to Lota (Burke), who unknown to Parker, is part-panther. It is revealed all of the island's inhabitants are the results of Moreau's experiments to create humans from animals. Moreau tries to persuade Lota to have sex with Parker so he can continue his experiments.

Island of Lost Souls

Shipwrecked traveler Edward Parker is rescued by a freighter delivering animals to an isolated South Seas island owned by Dr. Moreau. Parker fights with the freighter's drunken captain who mistreats M'ling, a passenger with some bestial features, and the captain tosses Parker overboard into Mr. Montgomery's boat, which is bound for Moreau's island. When Parker arrives at the island, Moreau welcomes him and introduces him to Lota, a young woman whom Moreau claims is of Polynesian origin. When she and Parker hear screams coming from another room, which Lota calls "the House of Pain", Parker investigates. He sees Moreau and Montgomery operating on a human-like creature without anesthetic. Convinced Moreau is engaged in brutal vivisection, Parker tries to leave but encounters savage-looking humanoids resembling beasts emerging from the jungle. Moreau appears, cracks his whip and orders them to recite a series of rules ("the Law"), and the creatures disperse.

Meanwhile, the American consul at Apia, Samoa, learns about Parker's location from the cowed freighter captain. Parker's fiancée Ruth Thomas persuades Captain Donahue to take her to Moreau's island. She is reunited with Parker and Moreau persuades them to stay the night. The ape-themed Ouran, one of Moreau's creations, tries to break into Ruth's room but is driven away by her screams. Montgomery confronts Moreau and implies Moreau arranged Ouran's attempted break-in. Donahue tries to reach the ship and fetch his crew. Moreau, seeing him depart, dispatches Ouran to strangle him. Learning Moreau has allowed Ouran to break the Law, the other beast-men no longer feel bound by it; they set their huts ablaze and defy Moreau, who tries and fails to regain control. The beast-men drag Moreau into his House of Pain and stab him to death with his own surgical knives. Parker and Ruth escape with help from the disaffected Montgomery. Parker tries to rescue Lota but she decides to buy the group some time when she notices Ouran ambushing them, leading to both of their deaths. The others escape by boat as the island goes up in flames.

On October 14, the Hollywood Citizen-News announced Paramount had added Bela Lugosi to the film's cast.[30] Mank noted newspapers were often late in publishing casting information but that because this is the earliest note of Lugosi's casting, he was cast after the film has started shooting.[31] On October 17, Lugosi declared bankruptcy,[32] having lost most of his money to friends after achieving popularity in Dracula, and signed on to the film for a salary of $875.[33][34] Lugosi replaced George Barbier as the Sayer of the Law.[35] Filming ended in early November 1932.[36] Kenton filmed retakes of the scene of Ruth (Hyams) with Ouran (Steinke) on December 8.[37]

More than just a historic sightseeing tour, this two-hour walk through Roosevelt Island will investigate the intersections between the history of these institutional spaces and the urban folklore that surrounds them, unearthing the secrets that isolated islands and swiftly moving rivers sometimes hide.

Writer Waldemar Young had scripted some of Tod Browning's most disturbing Lon Chaney Pictures. The prolific, opinionated Philip Wylie wrote the supremely sadistic horror film Murders in the Zoo and co-authored the apocalyptic novel When Worlds Collide. Their screen adaptation retains H.G. Wells' narrative setup of a marooned shipwreck survivor who encounters an island populated by frightening "beast folk". What's more, it expands on the book's mix of sex and horror. Paramount's spine-chiller must have given the puritans at the Code Office apoplexy.

Somewhere in the South Seas, Edward Parker (Richard Arlen) runs afoul of a belligerent sea captain (Stanley Fields) and is dumped on the island doorstep of the reclusive Dr. Moreau (Charles Laughton). Alarmed by the strangely misshapen islanders and the screams echoing from Moreau's operating theater, Parker soon discovers that the natives are all former animals -- dogs, pigs, lions -- that have been scientifically "evolved". Wandering into the jungle, Parker hears The Sayer of the Law (Bela Lugosi) lead the beast men in wailing chants about the Doctor's fearful House of Pain. Aided by his alcoholic assistant Mr. Montgomery (Arthur Hohl), Moreau must repeat his surgical horror sessions to prevent his creations from reverting to their original forms. The latest addition to the grotesque menagerie is Lota, a Panther Woman (Kathleen Burke). The Doctor obsesses over the idea of mating her with the handsome new arrival, to determine if Lota is indeed "fully a woman". While Parker tries to make sense of the unnatural happenings all around him, his fiancée Ruth Thomas (Leila Hyams of Freaks) prevails upon the authorities to send a rescue ship. What will Moreau do when they arrive?

Criterion's Blu-ray of Island of Lost Souls is a welcome surprise, as the Collection has gone to great pains to restore what was almost a lost film. When Paramount sold its pre-1948 library to MCA in the late 1950s, the vault inventory was pared down to just one or two duplicate copies per title, sometimes only in versions censored for reissue. Island was considered unprintable. Criterion patched the film together using several sources, including an uncut nitrate screening print held by the UCLA Archives. A couple of Richard Arlen's dialogue lines appear in this presentation for the first time on home video.

100-word review: A film from the 30s that heavily features 'half-human abominations' for islanders that isn't overtly racist? That's an achievement that deserves highlighting, were it not for the fact that it's still sexist, of course (I'll admit that it's a pretty gutsy move to cast Kathleen Burke in a role that's basically there to convince the viewer bestiality is okay if it's with a sexy-looking, bare-legged beastie). The islanders' remarkable make-up effects inspired a generation of monster horror flicks, and the surprisingly gruesome finale marks Island of Lost Souls as an indispensable part of that (sub)genre.

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The Island Of Lost Souls was a Halloween 22' limited event island. The currency that was used is known as souls, which could only be found on this island. There are 3 NPCs on this island, Ghost, who is the item trader. He offers both the Autumn and Halloween shops. The second is Pearl, who you can trade 15 souls to her for event Cauldron Carriages, accessories or halters. The final is the Soul Altar, where you can hand in 150 souls and get 1-2 Ghostly Hair dyes or a Ghostly Horse.

Ghost horses have a very low chance of spawning on the Island of Lost souls and have 5 spawn locations. They can also be obtained from the soul altar. The colours available included: Ghostly Red, Ghostly Orange, Ghostly Green, Ghostly Blue, Ghostly Pink, Ghostly White, and Ghostly Black. 041b061a72


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