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Filoptohos of Agia Marina Church

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Naum Aksenov
Naum Aksenov

The True And Invisible Rosicrucian Order: An In...

Let none suppose that because the Rosicrucian Order is invisible it is composed of discarnate human intelligences. Neither are its members supermen inhabiting a region vaguely designated by the term "higher planes." The Order is invisible because it has no external organization. It is not composed of invisible beings. Its members are men and women incarnate on earth in physical bodies. They are invisible to ordinary eyes because the minds behind those eyes cannot recognize the marks of a true Rosicrucian.

The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order: An In...

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Here and there in America and Europe are societies working according to the Rosicrucian pattern explained in this book. Their members do not believe the societies, as such, to be the Rosicrucian Order. Having learned from the manifestoes the distinguishing marks of a Rosicrucian, these persons know that insofar as they exhibit these marks they are links in the chain of the invisible Order. They understand also that the membership of even the societies that falsely claim historic connection may include some who are true Rosicrucians, just as there are other persons in various parts of the world who merit this designation even though they may never have heard of the Order. How this can be will, we trust, become evident to the unprejudiced reader who follows carefully the argument of this book. 041b061a72


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