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Being here you never know just how bad it really get used to the shootings,the crooked lennox sheriffs,the crack abusers who go to the store for you,the tamale lady,the cheap burgers and even cheaper women,the nice cars going nowhere,the churches selling salvation,the barbers selling weed,the checkpoints,the bulletproof glass,the domestic violence,the outdated school curriculum...

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As an African American male growing up in all areas of LA crime is based on the jobless situation many black men have records and it makes it hard to find jobs and raise familys causing frustration therefor trying to find a way to ease the mental strain they turn to drugs and alcohol, growin up in LA you're automatically considered a gangbanger from the hood you grew up in, blacks don't go lookin to recrute jumping sumone in, I knew my homboys for 40 sumpthin years, we homies for life, dats how it goes, I'm not from the Vermont area but I lived there, an saw violence myself. Its all about jobs, if a black man can't have and live a decent life cause no one wants to hire him he'll do whatever it takes in order to survive and keep the mental hurt out of his mind, that's where the violence comes in, the hurt of rejection of being treated like a 2nd class citizen, personally I was just born here I don't consider myself by title, I'm a black man born in a society that was never intended for us to progress, only to help others advance, and keep us in a place to have just enough to keep us alive.

Andres, Really? Your hood doesn't need the money? LOL man. That money is the whole reason your hood is a there! Without that money 95% of the people in your hood would starve to death because heaven knows they have never learned to be self-sufficient. They have never learned to get up early and go out and take advantage of that fee education. They have never learned to pick up the trash in front of the house they live in. They have never learned to respect other neighborhood. They have never learned to recpect themselves. They have never learned that in recpect it earned and not taken. They have never learned that Welfare wasn't meant to support the drug habit or the ex-con that just got out of prison. So money isn't needed...yeah try stopping it and see the oposition you get from "your" people. By the way...a doctorate, that impressive but what did you do for your hood with the bachelors degree? What changes did you make?

I could tell you that your comments are insulting and come from a place of hate, and ignorance and on a systemic level racist. But I wont. Why? because Walt your just as oppressed as I am. Your a prisoner of your own ignorance and lack of world view and the beautiful things that people due under the poor, oppressive circumstances we have been forced to live under. You might my say that no one is forcing us to live like this. But i beg to differ. Because if you look closely its not hard to see that people of color in this country have struggled more (10x more!) then that of our Caucasian counter parts. This system wasn't built to benefit my people equally. You might deny this. Of course as most people who come from position of privilege and power do. But the history is there. The psychological trauma spilling over generations Is there. The economic disadvantages is there. The lack of work opportunities is there. The racism is right there (in you). So I hope that one day you can come to my hood and see it for your self and meet the beautiful people that inspired me to fight back and defend where I belong and come from. From the system. From the police. And from people like you.

i am 32 i lived in that part of LA my whole life i never been shot there...when i did get shot i was in Torrance which is supposed to be a better area that's just extra info for people who think gang violence aint every where which is sad.The main problem with the vermont is gangs violence that why there is so much death around that area. what they need to do is solve the gang problem and for a lot of people that think that a lot of these kids are willingly joining these gangs your wrong,a lot of them have not choice they are threaten by gang member if they don't join them, they will kill them,or there family, etc . There family member are gang member so that all they know. Which isnt right . As for the people saying why don't you just move out of there where are you going to move to,some people are not lucky like other people where they can afford to move away. last but not least for the people saying why don't they call the cops on crime, gangs etc. a. if some you told on some one or some one found out that you snitch you can be killed and your family . b. try calling 911 in the westmont area and see the response time it take the police to get there opposed to a good area.c. most people don't trust the police in that area because some of the cop are dirty cops and it makes it bad for the the good ones.d. lack of education and i agree with some of the comments the teacher made parent do need to help with there kid education to but i seen school in my area with old book the towel of the roof falling in class and over populated class rooms,so it hard to learn when a lot of time you don't have the basic stuff as school in other area.

My families Life is threatened everyday on this very street because we grew up here. None of my mothers children in a gang but my mother being a "o.g" Hooverlette refuses to move away then wonder why her kids don't want to visit her often. These streets take children and even parents still alive but mentally dead from all they've seen. They become numb and unknowing of the pain they cause others.... I hate it. Cold part is, someone would kill me just because I'm her daughter. That's the judicial system too tho right? Guilty by association??

To AvrilAbril: I love your story about your mother had to sacrifice sleeping in the living room just to make ends meet to take care of her children. I wish that there were more mothers sacrificing to make sure their children get the best life. Too many Blacks spend time on materialistic things instead of sacrificing like your mother did to bring out the best human beings out of her children. Black parents need to put more into education to ensure that their children will have a good life because education is POWER.

When a society breeds poverty this is what happens. That area was dessimated in the 1970's when companies decided to leave because they didn't want to pay minorities fair wages or preferred to move to other countries to pay their people slave wages. It killed a thriving middle class. When prop 13 passed it began the disinvestment in education (Yes, businesses such as Disneyland are still paying 1970's property taxes). In the 1980's the crack epidemic hit that area hard fracturing families and ballooning the numbers of foster children. It should have been treated as a public health issue instead of a criminal justice issue. Handing out felonies to addicts that eventually turned their lives around created a permanent slave class that were forced to work in the "underground economy" because the felonies made them unhireable. Ban the Box! Kind of hard to nurture a community when the business community purposefully ignores it. When absent and irresponsible property owners disrespect it. When people that have no idea about the history of the area make disrespectful statements about it to feed their own racist appetites. Another day in LA.

A pattern seems to be emerging over and over. One, a misunderstanding about governance of this area. It is NOT part of the City of Los Angeles, it is unincorporated thus Los Angeles County provides services and collects revenues. This part of South LA has several areas that border the city of LA or other cities yet were never annexed. Areas like Willowbrook, Athens, Lennox, East Compton, Rancho Dominguez Hills, and many more in Metro LA. They are patrolled by the extremely corrupt LA County Sheriff Department and have NO real form of democratic representation with the exception of the LA County Supervisors. This area is Mark Ridley Thomas who is right now is under investigation for corruption. Most of these unincorporated areas are in desperate shape and neighboring communities are not interested in annexing because they have little or no revenue. It is an endless cycle downward. Another denial is that these areas have plenty of jobs. Recently the Standford Center on Poverty and Inequality and Public Policy Center of California published a study on poverty in California using the US Census Supplemental Poverty Measure, and LA County topped the state in regards to the poverty rate. In fact, LA County led the nation. The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies found that LA has the highest percentage of renters in the US and some of the highest rents. Transportation costs are very high, higher then most anywhere else in the US according to the Housing and Affordability Index. Regional mobility for lower-income residents, especially those with vouchers is also a major issue as it is difficult to port a voucher outside of LA County without being employed in that county. So if Fontana had a spike in logistics jobs, it would be very difficult for residents of these areas to take those jobs. The Los Angeles 2020 Commission just released the "Time For Truth" report that states that 40% of residents of the City of LA live in misery. Many are working poor. These unincorporated areas have it even worse. My point is that poverty and violence in Westmont is extremely complex. If you wanna gain a bit more knowledge of concentrated neighborhood poverty, read the works of William Julius Wilson and Robert J Sampson who have done work on the "neighborhood effect." The book "When Work Dispersers" is a good place to start especially given that Westmont and most of South LA have become what they have become due to capital flight decades ago.

Don't give me that "we need more jobs" crap!! There's jobs out there but these idiots would rather hang out in the streets and alleys and do the "easy money" thing. They don't want to wake up at 5am and go to work. They can't get up early because they've been getting drunk and high all day and night. Saying that there's no jobs for them is just an excuse for the lazy people they've become. And whatever money they do get is spent on crap anyway. Look at how many piece of garbage cars there a $300 dollar sound system in it. You think they would use that money to move? And what about the hood rats with all the gold jewlery and just had their hair and nails done, a nice car and 3 or 4 kids in front of you in line at the market using EBT??


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