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Hdclone 6 5 Enterprise Edition Portable Boot Image

Macrium Reflect Free Edition touts itself as one of the fastest disk cloning utilities available. This hard drive cloning software supports only Windows file systems, but it does it quite well and has a fairly straightforward user interface. This software does disk imaging and disk cloning, allows you to access images from the file manager, creates a Linux rescue CD, and is compatible with Windows. The Macrium free edition is also capable of creating differential images, do direct-disk cloning, boot backups into a Hyper-V virtual machine, run scheduled backups, do bare-metal restores and can even encrypt backups.

hdclone 6 5 enterprise edition portable boot image


HDClone can be booted from CD/DVD, floppy and USB stick, even on SecureBoot systems, so you even can recover an image without a working operating system. With identical interfaces on both programs there is complete ease in switching between the self-booting version and the Windows program and supports USB and Bluetooth mice and keyboards.

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SuperDuper backs up your data to the backup disk but does not remove the content from the original destination. But in case you want to free up your disk space, you need to go for the Smart Update option that retains your current boot image and updates the remaining backup files.

SuperDuper also supports a Sandbox backup, using which you can test the updates conveniently. This way, a bootable image of your Mac is created that also includes the drivers, software, and system updates. To restore the backup files from the external drive, you can pick one of the two sandbox backup options. 350c69d7ab


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