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Filoptohos of Agia Marina Church

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Ezra Harris
Ezra Harris

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The unit itself works fine, but the battery life is beyond horrendous. I can spend 12 hours charging the unit for it to 1. not fully charge and 2. run out of battery within a few uses at a low temperature (350). I've never used a piece of electronics with a battery that dies within minutes of use after HOURS of charge. This is supposed to be a portable unit, but I wouldn't trust it more than 30 feet from a charger. Really disappointing.

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An air bubble seems to have caused the glass to crack on its first use. Ispire staff then said that the warranty would NOT cover this faulty manufacturing and gave me a coupon code, inviting me to spend more money on more of their defective products. I strongly recommend avoiding Ispire products, especially their products which include glass.


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