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Naum Aksenov

Elder Scrolls Birth Signsl

now, for some things i dont need help, such as the elven races, tabaxi and lizard folk being fine for a elderscrolls campign, but l do need advice for stuff like the human races.(breton, nord and imperial)

Elder Scrolls Birth Signsl

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E4: to be clear, i am not trying to make skyrim (the videogame) in dnd. I am makeing a homebrew campaign setting based on tamrial and the elder scrolls universe. Some things, like the high elfs translate without needing changes, tabaxi and lizard folk can be turned into khajiit and argonians with a simple name change and a extra racial trait. If it isnt broken, like dnds item crafting, it stays RAW. This thread was made for advice on converting things like the birth signs and human races into dnd (which lt has helped with).


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