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Filoptohos of Agia Marina Church

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Naum Aksenov

Kenny Thomas Best Of You MP3 Download

One of my goals is to list not only the recording artist(s), but also the album(s) on which the song can be found, whenever possible. I have included recordings that are only on out-of-print vinyl, 8 track tape, or cassette, as well as those released on CDs which may or may not still be in print. Some are available as downloads, and eventually I will include that information for all songs (designated: Song); for now, I have it for a few, usually if the album is not available, is prohibitively expensive, or isn't as likely to be of interest to Lightfoot fans. I also intend to put all this information into a database, so it can be easily searched, but that is a project for another day (year?). All of the links are to places where the album can be purchased on CD; usually, but not always Amazon. Out of print CDs are often listed for ridiculous prices at Amazon, but you can sometimes pick up a perfectly good used copy for a reasonable price. The Amazon listings will show you if the song is available as an individual download, should you want the song but not the album. Some of the albums are among the best work of the recording artist, and are worth considering. Although I don't have all of them, I do have many of the CDs or single songs, and had some on vinyl; I very much remember my reaction the first time I heard each cover.

Kenny Thomas Best Of You MP3 Download



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